Sunday, July 20, 2008

Fefeto Inks Portrait of Victor Banda

Isn't this a splendid rendering of Victor Banda and is beloved son Osito (Spanish for bear) by artist Fefeto? I love the color choices as well as the drawing itself. And Osito is so cute! His owner is not too bad either...

Click to enlarge


thonnibg said... your sense of humor,Sue:)
I love the colors either esp of his bod.

Just a little correction,Sue...the Fefeto link.

Sue said...

Thanks Toni, I have fixed it.

FEFETO said...

Hey!!! Thanks for the kink!!! I'm glad you liked the poster!!! Keep on having a look at my blog, new things to come!!!


Sue said...

I will Fefeto! You're welcome!