Saturday, January 27, 2007

Rock Out the Vote (For the Bloggies)

I think that voting is very important for everyone on Earth. Well, at least I used to. Then I visited the Seventh Annual Weblog Awards to see who the nominees were and was pretty disappointed. Some folks were snubbed and responded accordingly. Overall, it seemed to me that the nominees were chosen by teenage girls. Not that there is anything wrong with teenage girls, but do we really want them to run everything?

Thankfully, teenage girls have no interest in the following catagories in which I would appreciate your votes if you feel so inclined:

Best Australian or New Zealand Blog: Aussielicious

(Congratulations Brenton!!!)

Best Weblog About Politics: Daily Kos

(Congratulations Richard!!!)

Best GLBT Weblog: Scott-O-Rama

(Congratulations Scott!!!)

We all thank you for your votes!


Anonymous said...

Thank you very much for the mention and link. Being a finalist came as a HUGE surprise to me. It's a great honor. Some blogs I consider great weren't included in the list so I wonder how I got on there.

Good luck to all the nominees.

Sue said...

My pleasure Scott. Best of luck!