Friday, January 26, 2007

Friday Fantasy - Help with Yard Work

Look who I just hired from Shaney's Hunk Hut! This is Travis. The Hunk Hut is closing really soon, but Shaney said that he would leave it open just for my Friday Fantasy. Isn't he a swell guy? So, I hired this guy, Travis, and come to find out he only works in the (rhymes with mood). He runs around the yard gathering dead wood, while sporting some of his own. If you want to see his wood, you'll have to go to where I hired him. (Adults only please.) He really is going to have to put some clothes on. Today's temperature was 8 degrees F (-13 degrees C).

"Don't you get cold Travis?"

"Not when I have you to keep me warm Sue."

Don't you just love Travis?


Shaney said...

OK I will play! Ahh yes Travis you WOOD not believe how well he EXTENDS a helping hand, he works very HARD & really likes to GET IN & DO IT. Hmmm what the? lol
Oh & just so I dont forget I vote for the Wood Man... :)

Sue said...

Oh yes! I must thank you for recommending him. You are just too funny Shaney. There couldn't be a nicer bloke! :)

goldeneyeuk said...

Where do i sign up for a bit of him.