Wednesday, January 10, 2007

The Gospel of Luke - Part 1

Luke used to sing madrigals in the choir at school and play the organ at his church. No kidding. I think we made every organ joke on the planet and he suffered them all with a straight face. He had been accepted to a religious college that specialized in these and I think they had one of the biggest organs in at a college in Northeast America. (I couldn’t help but giggle.) I think he wanted to teach music.

His college's organ

A group of madrigal singers

The next time we were in my room alone together and I was cold. I had inherited this room from my brother Verne, when he went off to college two years earlier. We sat on the bed and Luke kissed me. I told him that my feet were cold and he took off my shoes and began rubbing my feet. All I could think was that I hope they didn’t smell too bad. Luke was such a gentleman really. He was tender and slow with me. He showed me how to kiss and then moved on to kissing my ears, which I loved, my neck, and then he opened my shirt and undid my bra and kissed my breasts and that was wonderful. He put his hand on my jean clad knee and stroked it up towards my crotch and I couldn’t help but rise up a bit to meet the pressure, it felt so good. Then he stopped and said that his erogenous zones were the same and it was my turn to try on him. So I kissed his mouth, ear, and neck, pulled up his polo shirt and kissed his nipple, then I looked down at his jeans and I could see the head of his erect penis emerging from the waist band of his jeans. It looked all cooped up in there, maybe even painful, and I wanted to free it so I unbuttoned the top of his jeans and unzipped the fly. Right there he grabbed my wrist and stopped me and said, “Don’t start anything you can’t finish.”

I didn’t understand quite what he meant. But then suddenly, we heard the front door of the house open and Lance’s voice say, “Are they upstairs?” We didn’t have long to get presentable and we could hear him charging up the stairs and then he burst in the room and said, “Caught ya!” But we were pretty much dressed. Luke’s pants were up and zipped and his polo shirt was hanging un-tucked hiding his erection. My shirt was buttoned but my bra was not hooked and my shoes were off. I was angry as a wet hen. How dare he burst into my room; he didn’t even knock. I was at a loss for words and left just brushing past him and heading for the bathroom. Once there, I fixed my bra. When I came out everyone was in the living room downstairs and Lance said, “Everything back in place?”


Ryan said...

wow what a hot story. i am still thinkin u should write a book even a romance type book man u could get people all hot and wet hehe!

Sue said...

Glad you enjoyed the story Ryan.

G Cracker said...

Oh. My. Gah. I would not have been so calm as you in that situation. If someone accidentally walks in, that's one thing. If someone bursts in intentionally trying to catch the act...oh! You have such restraint!

Sue said...

Nah, I was just a repressed chicken shit G Cracker. Thanks for commenting!

Shaney said...

Dang Baby, just as I was getting totally engrossed the spoils of love interrupted comes along and softens my (No I wont comment on my comment)
Hehe Dont you just love memories like these...Thankyou for sharing another fine moment Sue!