Thursday, January 18, 2007

Friday Fantasy - Mr. Brazil 2007


A record breaking five people voted. In a stunning victory over his competitors, the vastly overlooked Gleiber was able to dominate the competion and pull ahead for the win. It wasn't even close. I have to admit, that this blogger had chosen him as a favorite too. So, thanks to those who took the time to vote: Mr. Tickle, Peter from Amsterdam, A Boy, G Cracker and Goldeneye.

I never tire of Brazilians. Is it just me? They are the hottest men in the world. My fantasy this week is that I get to choose Mr. Brazil 2007, who will represent Brazil in the Mr. World competitions in March. Scratch that. He will come here to my own little private party orgy at Fair View. If you vote, you too may be invited to cum. (Just a leettle teesny pun there!) Of course the official Mr. Brazil has already been chosen and he is Lucas. The first runner up is Alan and the second runner up is Thiago. But, looking at the field, I don’t think I agree that Lucas is who I would choose at all, at least for my orgy. How about you? I have carefully selected 8 of the sexiest men of the 27 candidates (via Made in Brazil) for your perusal. Here they are:









Please select your top three men (the winner, the runner up and the second runner up) and maybe mention what you would like them to do to you, or you would like to do to them. Winners will be announced Saturday night.


about a boy said...

top three for moi - gleiber, francineudo, and edson. curvy boys with meat on their bones.

goldeneyeuk said...

Ill take Lucas please Miss.

Peter from Amsterdam said...

My top 3 is:
1 Marco
2 Edson
3 Lucas
since this is a "family" blog... I would love a roll in the hay [among other things] with them. It's good we didn't have to choose from those 27!

Sue said...

Not really, Peter. It was really pretty easy to narrow the field to these 8.

G Cracker said...

This isn't as tough for me as last weeks, thankfully. :P
1 - Gleiber
2 - Edson
3 - Marcos
The things I would do to them? And, oh! The things I would let them do to me! Is there a limit to how long these comments can be, cause I could go on and on and ON!

mr tickle said...

i like gleiber too.

Shaney said...

Oh I missed Friday Fantasy... :(
But I would have definately picked MARCO...He is chained to the bed, naked, oiled SPUNKY...OMG Down boy Down!
Sorry I missed the voting Sue!

Shaney said...

Ummm Boat Schmoat 9?... :)

Sue said...

Wait until Monday for Boat Shmoat 9.

David said...

I must be in a different time zone. This is the second contest I have missed! WTF? My votes would have been:
1. Edson
2. Marco
3. Thiago

I think a tongue bath for Edson would be in line.

Sue said...

David: Friday Fantasies are on FRIDAY. Got it? Pretty simple really.