Tuesday, January 16, 2007

My Pride and Joy - Ralph Glory Blooms

Long ago, my brother gifted me with a Ralph Glory orchid. That is genus Phaphiopedilum, or the slipper of Aphrodite, for you purists. It was blooming when he gave it to me, of course, and I figured that I would never see this lovely plant from the Himalayas bloom again.

I put it into the bathroom, figuring that it needed lots of humidity and that nearly killed it. Next, I moved it into a fish tank to help it recover, but it just looked even more unhappy in there. Years went by. I gave up on it. I moved it to the stainless steel wire shelving unit in the kitchen where there is lots of foot traffic, but the sun is bright. I stopped looking at it.

Then, my brother visited and glanced at the plant. He said, "Wow, this is a happy orchid! Is this the Ralph Glory I gave you?"

Sure enough it was. He noted a new flower spike coming from within a new growth of leaves. That was last year. It is blooming again this year and Sean took a photo. I guess the Ralph Glory has found a new home. Now my brother wants to gift me with more orchids.

Isn't it pretty?


David said...

Wow, good job not giving up on the plant and tossing it. A little neglect can go a long way.

Sue said...

I don't throw away plants until they are obviously dead. I am too much of a Buddhist at heart for that. But thanks! Guess you don't, huh?