Sunday, January 14, 2007

Constest Winners - Europe's Sexiest Swimmers

THE VOTING IS CLOSED! There have been over 700 visitors during the 2 day contest period. Only 11 have voted. I owe a special thanks to those who took the time to vote. THANK YOU VOTERS!!! First off, Shaney corrected me by saying that it was not a smorgasbord, but a smORGYbord. Thank you so much for the correction. You are sooooo right. The winners are:

With an overall score of 7.7, E, the Fin with the gray long legged suit.

In second place, is D, with an overall score of 7.2.

There is a tie for third place between A and F at a score of 6.5 each.

Here are some quotes for the winners:

For E from Daniel:

Hi, I’m Chip and I love to cuddle.

For D from Daniel:

Don’t stand up yet.

and from Mr. Tickle:

You’re my ~guy~!

For A from Daniel:

So, do you live near here?

and from Mr. Tickle:

You’re cute and irresistible and I feel light headed looking at you.

For F from Mr. Tickle:

How do you get such great definition? Can I run my fingers over your body?


brenton said...

I'm so sorry I didn't get around to voting... bad bimbo that I am.
I would have swapped first and second places...
Did you notice the second place getter is bending over and his team mate behind him is pulling down his tights ready to "celebrate" him...?

G Cracker said...

Aww, I was just coming to vote (like, for real this time :P). It's okay though, I approve of the results. :)

Shaney said...

*Tears* My boy didn't make the cut..But it is ok I have already done naughty things to him, Ahhh yep stems from having a wicked little mind and an active

Sue said...

Ah, B! All is forgiven since you got me started blogging. You go ahead and have as many bimbo moments as you need.

G - I welcome such an avid fan.

Shaney - I approve of your wicked little mind and wonder if it keeps pace with mine. :P My fav didn't make the cut either. I could have voted and tried to throw the competition. Alas. He was G, the same as yours. Great wicked minds think alike.

Ryan said...

sweet my boy won! such a hottie gives me wood! hehe

David said...

How did I miss this! That's what I get for leaving early on Friday and focusing on work while I was there. I'm happy with the results overall, but G, the Italian guy on the ladder, definitely also caught my eye.

Sue said...

Ryan, now, now, no gloating.

David - Sorry you missed this one. I was so looking forward to your clever saucy comments. You join Shaney and me in our favorite swimmer, contestant G.

exNavyMike said...

I just discovered your blog by backtracking through G Cracker's blog, and I'm bummed to see that more of my time will be sucked into the void of the net, as I'm sure to keep checking in with you throughout the week. Great site.

Thanks for these swimmer pics. Yum.


Sue said...

Welcome to another corner of the void, Mike. Hope you like it here.