Thursday, October 05, 2006

Who is Fair View Sue (Winner Announced) & Thanks to Brenton


First I would like to thank Brenton for featuring me in a post of my very own! Don't you think that is sweet of him? I do! He is to die for cute too. Seen any of his half nekkid Thursdays? They are yummielicious.

Secondly, you may wonder, just who is this Fair View Sue? What does she look like? While in general I wish to remain anonymous, I chose my screen identity because it might as well be me. I found the photo on google and my twin sister, Evie, thought that it was me in one of my Speedos doing my synchronized swimming. I guess you could say that if it was good enough to fool my very own twin, it looks a lot like me.

But, there is one actual photo of me on this very blog. So, if you find it, let me know the date or title of the post, and what I am doing in the photo. In return, I will post your name and about you (if you are a blogger) and repost the photo.

Now, Brenton, no fair - you already know. Sneak. Got me to tell when you were secretly preparing your post. You can't play (this game that is!).


And the winner is Mark. Congratulations Mark! See the post about his blog on Sunday.

Yup. This is me feeding a southern stingray off of the Cayman Islands. As you can see, it is a good sized beast whose wing span had to be at least six feet. That is why I was so surprized that Steve Irwin was killed by one of these gentle giants.


Mike said...

Brenton is very cute!!

Sue said...

You bet he is.

Doug said...

Does the picture of you actually show your face? Anything else?

Sue said...

No hints will be given at this time. Sorry Doug.

Doug said...

Saturday, March 25, 2006
Bookfield, Parking Lot, where you're squatting/peeing? lol

Did ya switch to Beta???

Sue said...

Hahahaha! Yes, just switched to beta today.

Doug said...

Woah, wait, so I'm wrong??????

I switched to beta just now 'n' republishing is lightspeed!

Ryan said...

yes brenton is cute and nothing wrong with no showin your pic after all people wont believe it anyway been there done that. i like the blog just like it is keep up the great work!

Sue said...

Doug, I only wish that were me. (After all, that WAS a kodak moment.) That is Jodie Foster. She is an extremely wealthy actress, have you heard of her? We do look similar. Yes, republishing is lightspeed with beta and you can add labels to your posts.

Ryan, You are so right, Brenton is drop dead cute!!! I hope folks believe that is what I look like, but I hear ya, and know what you went through.

savante said...

I am speechless. Can he marry me, pretty please? :P

Sue said...

Sorry, Paul. Brenton is spoken for (all the good ones are!). His love is bookmarked on my site as MIKE. Mike is not half bad himself.

Mark said...

Hello lovely Sue,

I found you:

Nice legs!!!

Sue said...

Congratulations Mark! Great going and thanks for the compliment. Look for a post about your blog on Sunday.

Mark said...

The winner?

I do have a talent for spotting sexy gay bloggers… but now I am thinking that my talent might even extent to sexy blogger ladies. When I saw those sexy legs I just knew!!!

brenton said...

Hey Sue, THANKS for the absolutely lovely birthday message and write up!
Man, people were fast on the challenge of finding your pic! Cool.

Sue said...

You are most welcome Brenton! Have you noticed all of the new admirers amongst my readers that you have?

mr tickle said...

sue did u also notice how many new admirers you've got yourself?

Sue said...

~~~Aron, you make me blush!~~~

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