Sunday, October 29, 2006

Welcoming a New Link

Fair View would like to welcome Stephen from the blog "Geekslut" to our link list. Stephen is very brave, frank and candid in the way that he posts about dealing and living with AIDS (see old Geekslut - he has had it all and it is a worthwhile read) while still living his life to its fullest. He follows his bliss and we can all take a lesson from that.

His current post deals with how his viral level is currently undetectible and he does the right thing by disclosing his HIV status to his partners, but many of his negative partners still want unprotected sex with him, which I find rather alarming. The current comment thread on his post addresses this issue. Adults only please.


Ryan said...

u know i always check out people u say 2!

Sue said...

Thanks Ryan. Let me know what you think.