Tuesday, October 10, 2006

A Note to Fair View Readers

Fair View has been switched to the Beta format (Thanks Blogger!!!) and all posts have been catagorized. This means that if you wanted to read all of the Friday Fantasies, you would only have to search for Friday Fantasy in the little white box on the upper left hand corner, OR click on the label "Friday Fantasy" at the bottom of one of the posts. The downside of using the search tool is that you will also get key words searched found in other posts that include the words, "friday" or "fantasy". The upside is that this blog is now fully searchable. Type in any word in the little box and hit search this blog and all of the posts containing that word will materialize. MAGIC.

Or, if you wanted to read all of Bookfield, you could click on that label on the bottom of a Bookfield post. One downside I have found is that there is a limit to how much text the computer will show at one time, so you will not be able to see all of the book at once. If anybody can help me figure out a way around that one, let me know.

You can find out all about my health issues by going to April, finding any post titled, "Brush with Death", and clicking on "Health" at the bottom.

If you prefer to read about my Travels, find a trip you like a hit the label for that trip. If you are partial to Local Events or Small Town News, likewise. Or, you can find out about my "First Brush with Gay Life", by searching for "Gay Life".

I'm dizzy with all these options. My head feels like it will spin off my body and I have to hold it on! Help me Fair View Sue.

Photo credit: Stratis


Ryan said...

they doing this 2 all blogs?

Sue said...

No. It is something that you have to do. It is easier to do if your blog is short. Mine was only 178 posts, so it wasn't too bad. Also, you will have to change your login info and you need to remember what the new info is, so that you can get back in. Then, you have to go back and label all of your posts. So, there is a bit of work associated with the switch.

kai said...

now who's the sexy dude in the pic?

you got a new beginning with beta too.

my layout doesn't look as good in mozilla... how do those pros do it???

kai said...

looks good now... in mozilla too (after an hour and a half of labor). the official opening will be my next post!

brenton said...

Is there any danger of losing comments or anything like that? template problems?
If I can do categories, that would be fantastic but the idea of having to go back through nearly 600 posts... man that's going to take some time.

Sue said...

Aron, dunno who the dude is. Ask Stratis. Saw your new layout and love it!

Brenton, your blog is searchable for key words now. Some bloggers with older blogs have lost posts, and links with the switch to beta or so I hear. Your best bet would be to begin another blog. It was a bitch to go back and label my 178, but doable.