Sunday, October 22, 2006

Thanks for the Link!

Hotguy has granted Fair View a link with his site, Guypaper. He features a new wallpaper everyday with a gorgeous hot man or men! For example, there are the Carlson Twins.

To see the full wallpaper, go here. If you are into twins, it really is a must see. But, not all of his wallpapers are nudes. He also has action shots, celebrities, and portraits.

Daniel Henny

So, update your wallpaper with Guypaper or at least drop by and visit. He has only been blogging for a month, so let's show him some support.


Ryan said...

now thats some nice eye candy!

Sue said...

Thanks Ryan! Hope you feel better.

Hotguy said...

Thanks Sue for giving me such a great surport!

Sue said...

You are most welcome hotguy!