Sunday, October 15, 2006

Fair View Welcomes New Links!

Today's new links are:


Synthetic Ego is a blog written by NarcissusAu, who is a competitive bodybuilder and successful entrepreneur. He also happens to like hot sex with other musclemen. NarcissusAU modernized his dad's business into a global corporation and now wishes to live a totally "out" life style. Join him on his journey as he merges his two worlds and visits the US. Adults only please.


Mutiny on the Bounty is written by Stratis and designed to make you love all things Greek, which is not really all that difficult when it is notably a beautiful place to begin with. There is the landscape and that includes the beaches

Myrtos Beach

and also the men.

Yummy Greek Man

Ah, yes Greece. A place I just must go sometime soon.

Enjoy the new blogs!


savante said...

All scandalous blogs and I love them!

Sue said...

Thanks Paul!

Hotguy said...

great job!
if you like,we can exchange link!
here is my blog,there are many updated wallpaper!

Sue said...

Sure. I will announce it next next week.

Doug said...

Eek! My virgin eyes!!!

Sue said...

Are we not following instructions Doug?

Doug said...

Uh oh...

*goes to dark corner 'n' sits on stool*