Friday, October 20, 2006

Friday Fantasy - Another Day, Another Dollar

I had flown out of my usual airport, and after running with my carryon bag to make my two too close connections, finally made it to my destination city, someplace in the middle of who knows where. I rented a car at the airport, and drove to my hotel. There was no valet parking in this god-for-saken little city and I had to park in the lot. I walked up to the check in desk and got my room key. God, I hate travel for work. It just gets so old so quickly.

I rode up to my floor and walked down the hallway to my room. I entered my room, closed the door behind me and heard the shower running. Instictively, I entered the bathroom to turn it off. This is what I saw.

Maybe the trip wouldn't be that dull after all. What would you do in this situation?

(Now, don't tell me you would call the manager and say the room was double booked, because this is a fantasy after all. Go away fantasy spoilers!)


David said...

Real world? I'd stutter and excuse myself and head back down to the check in desk.

Fantasy world? I'd lock the door, strip and join him.

Sue said...

Ah David. Couldn't resist, could you. In reality this has happened to me twice. I saw the people(s) luggage through the partly open door and didn't even enter. I went back to the desk and changed rooms. I don' even know if the people were there.

But yours is the response I was looking for. Doesn't he look yummy? I am more shy than you and would probably ask him coyly if he needed any help washing those hard to reach places. ;)

Shaney said...

Firstly I'd slap myself stupid to see if I was dreaming!
honey, do you think we could be that lucky to have the likes of him (pictured)!
Knowing my luck it would be some pot bellied, pensioner with nuts to his knees!
But how delicious is he Mmmmm?
You devious sweety!

Peter from Amsterdam said...

Hi Sue,
I would stay and ask if I could wash his back, and thinking about the front too!