Friday, October 06, 2006

Friday Fantasy - Bedtime Story

This story is dedicated to Paul.

My company sent me to Los Angeles for a month to collect data from an AIDS clinical trial performed at a large city hospital. Since I was to be away from home for such a long time, I insisted to be allowed to stay at the Loews Santa Monica which is right on the beach and has views of the Santa Monica Pier. I rented a car and checked into the hotel. I was very pleased with my room and that was a good thing, since I would be there for a month. The hotel itself was spectacular.

I especially loved the hot tub behind the pool that looked out over the pacific.

I managed to pack everything I needed in my trusty Ixspa bag. All of the clothes I brought were washable. I brought four silk skirts (slit up the sides to the thigh), four knit tees, two jackets, and a pair of Joan & David shoes. I wore a pair of jeans, a sweater and sneakers. Everything fit into the bag with room to spare so that I could shop. I love a good plan.

I drove to the hospital on the first day and met with the clinical staff. I met Dr. Vishnu, his study coordinator, Bing, a Filipino, his nurses, Becky and Jeannie, another Filipino. Dr. Vishnu was tall and distinguished looking, with salt and pepper hair and a goatee. Bing was short, well dressed and neat and seemed compulsive enough to be a great worker and study coordinator. Later in the month I tried to recruit him, but he didn’t want to leave LA.

Becky was a diligent nurse but tended to be a bit emotional at times. Jeannie was smart, but a total flake. I didn’t feel she was very trustworthy. The two nurses worked well together and were a tight team, for better or worse. We all shook hands and smiled at each other. Introductions over, Dr. Vishnu left me with Bing and we went to the conference room where I would be working.

When we arrived, I met Jeannie’s younger brother, Jay, who had just brought over the clinic charts on a rolling luggage cart. Jay was about five feet eight inches tall, extremely handsome, with waist length black hair. He was wearing loose bib overalls with a faded red tee shirt and a sheen of sweat coated his beautiful light coffee colored silky skin. I just wanted to lick it off of him. I was tempted to peer down and see what he was or wasn’t wearing under those overalls. His hands were clean and the bone structure was just so hot. You know how some times a certain bone structure can just be a turn on? I pictured that hair cascading all over us as we made…

Devastatingly handsome yes, but picture him with waistlong hair...

Back to reality. I was in the conference room, looking at all of the work I had to do. There were three sets of charts for each patient: the clinic chart, the hospital chart and the study chart. Jay was there to bring over the clinic and study charts from the other building where patients were seen. He helped unpack and match the two charts with the hospital chart for each patient. I watch his hair as it flowed over his body. How was I ever going to concentrate enough to work? But, somehow I did.

I had had the case report forms shipped to the site ahead of time, so that I would not have to carry them with me. I took the first one and began to complete it for the first patient. Man it was slow going. After a few patients and days had gone by, I likened the process to pushing a pile of mud with a toothpick; it was that painstaking. I was working five days a week and then asked if I could bring charts back to my hotel with me on the weekend. Turns out I could bring the clinic and study charts home, but not the hospital charts, so I did. When the case report forms were completed, I packed them to be airmailed home.

Over time, I found out that Jay worked at the hospital part time and played for a band the rest of the time. He also mixed soundtracks.

In between working, I did some shopping. I bought some traditional jade beads

, a silk shirt, a white leather jacket

and Diesel jeans. I found some nice restaurants including a sushi place, and a Thai place. I enjoyed the hot tub almost every night. So much so, that the back of my hair at the nape of my neck bleached almost entirely white. On Sundays, I would walk up and down the boardwalk on the beach and people watch. The whole time was quite nice. Hard work, hard play; only one thing was missing.

About three weeks into my stay, the study staff was talking about having a get together to celebrate Dr. Vishnu’s birthday at a restaurant near my hotel. They invited me! Finally, a place to wear my new Diesel jeans and white leather jacket.

The restaurant was only a short walk away, in the pedestrian mall close by. Upon entering, I quickly spotted my group and joined them. He was there. Everyone was in a happy and celebratory mood, but all I could focus on was Jay. We sat across from each other, but we locked gazes many times during the evening. Toasts were made to Dr. Vishnu, and the staff got pretty drunk. I was pretty tipsy too. After our meal and drinks, Dr. Vishnu stood and said that he had to get home to his wife and family and Bing and the nurses also stood to go. Jay stood and looked right at me and offered to walk me back to my hotel. I said that sounded okay to me. (Who said that chivalry was dead?) Every one said goodnight and we all left. Jay and I waited for the others to leave.

Once we were outside and alone, he reached out and touched my face gently saying, “I really like you. If you lived here I would ask you out on a date.”

“I am so flattered, Jay. I like you too.” I replied.

With that he drew me to him and kissed me with his oh so soft lips. Then, he parted them so that his tongue could push its way into my mouth. I shuddered a bit and moaned involuntarily, as I wanted him so badly that I could not hide it. He pressed his body against mine, his hands on my shoulders. I put my hands on his waist and if was as if I completed a circuit. He lifted his head and put it beside mine and whispered into my ear, “We should find some place more private, don’t you think?”

I could not believe it as I led him to my hotel. When we got to my room, I slid the entry card into the door and we went in. Once the door closed behind us, he looked at me and said, “Are you sure about this?”

“Oh, yes.”

He looked so beautiful. There was fire in his eyes and his hair shone as if polished. He took my hands and pressed me against the door. His mouth was on mine and so was his groin. I could feel his chest against mine and I could feel his nipples pressing, oh god it was so hot to feel his whole body on mine! He began to undress me. First the leather jacket came off, then the shoes and jeans. He had lost his pants some how and now he was hard and ready. He donned a condom. I had never seen an Asian man’s body naked before, he was hairless, except for the pubes. Very hot. He took off his shirt in one swift move and his musculature showed that he’d spent some time in the gym. I just wanted to inhale every molecule of him. I put my hands on his strong shoulders and lifted myself up so that he could enter me standing. We had never left the door; that’s where we made love. I wrapped my legs around his waist as he pumped himself into me. I lost myself to the feeling of it. My head rolled back and my eyes closed. His breathing quickened. We were both close. I came first and my spasms brought him too. He came with a groan and said, “Oh god!”

We slowly slumped to the floor. His head fell forward over my shoulder, pooling that delicious hair over me and he said, “That was wonderful. Are you okay?”

“My god, yes. Maybe we should move to the bed.”

We untangled, cleaned up a bit, and moved to the bed. There is nothing better than clean white sheets and your lover. We opened the sliding glass doors to hear the night noises of the Santa Monica Pier. We lay there holding each other. He held me tight and I fondled and stroked his lovely skin and hair. It was all so novel to me, since I had never been with an Asian. Even the color of his nipples was different. I began to play with them and they became erect. Then, I kissed one and he squirmed a bit. I giggled mischievously and looked up at him. He raised an eyebrow as if asking, what are you up to now? So, I worked my way down his body as he writhed with pleasure. He was erect down there too. So, I took the head into my mouth and tasted its delicious smooth texture. I ran my tongue up the crease on the underside eliciting a moan from him. Then, I went down on him all the way while I gently tugged on his balls. I could feel his legs flexing, the way a man does when this is done to him. He groaned in ecstasy. I repeated this until he demanded I stop because he wanted to make love again. I heard another condom snap on. I have never been flipped onto my back so quickly and entered so fast in my life. It made me catch my breath. He was onto me, holding me down by my wrists, fucking me gently but firmly, and kissing my breasts, his hair cascading over our bodies. My breathing quickened to match his as I wrapped my legs around him. This time, we both came simultaneously. We were rewarded for our efforts by a blissful sleep. Thank god tomorrow was Saturday and we had no place to be.

I completed my assignment on time and I continued to see Jay. Actually the whole project was a complete success and we got the drug approved. But, I still kind of miss Jay.


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Ooh. I miss Jay too!

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I am so glad! Thanks Paul.


good picture

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Thanks for the compliment jamesee-st-smile!