Friday, October 27, 2006

Friday Fantasy - Sculpture

Sometimes I imagine that I am a great sculptor with talents that rival Michelangelo. He had his David. Most artists work from life. Do we doubt for a moment that David was a real young man, or that Michelangelo didn't enjoy his model's body to some extent or other? The artist can gather so much more information with hands instead of eyes.

Meet my model, Adonis. Stratis introduced us only earlier this week. I will source my white marble for this work from Carrera in Italy; only the best for my Adonis. FirstI will shape out the block roughly, then get into the more painstaking details. I hope Adonis had lots of time on his hands, as this will take a while. I cannot wait until I get to the part where I need to tilt the head, separate the chin from the neck, carve each ear as if it were a shell, carve out those biceps and shelf-like pectorals, smooth flat that pelvis, make that little vein on his arm stand out. Carving out each abdominal muscle will be pure joy. Then there are his genitals. There I will pay special attention and maybe not just with my hands.

You see, there can be great joy in being a sculptor if one has the right model. Don't you think?

The very best thing is that when your stone sculpture is complete, it will be around for the ages, for you to touch and fondle, as well as for others. It will feel exactly like the model did.


Ryan said...

i did some modelin even tho i wasnt old enough it was nude and the guy drew me i found it very awesome!

Sue said...

Thanks for the comment Ryan.