Sunday, June 15, 2008

Vasco's First Swim

Mom's dog Vasco, the Portuguese water dog, discovered earlier this week that he really is a water dog! It only took him a year to learn how to swim. He is pictured here with my sister's dogs, Luna the whippet and Joe Joe the poodle.

V: Hey, look! Water! How have I not noticed it before!

V: I wonder if... Hey I can swim! Bo de do do, de do do... This is so cool!

V: Hey, give me the stick!

JJ: It is my stick!

L: Men! It is alway about their fucking stick!

V: Okay, I don't want your lousy stick anyhow!

JJ: Been swimming long?

V: Oh years! You?


thonnibg said...

Oh God,such adorable dogs!!!
And such funny dialogue addition from Sue:)

What a liar is Vasco:)Been swimming for years...

Sue said...

Well, you know Toni, its a dog-eat-dog world out there.