Thursday, June 05, 2008

Marco Da Silva & NYC Pride 08

Marco Da Silva was recently contacted by NYC Pride '08 to see if they could use the photographs from the shoot of him and his then bf Craig for a Pride party. Marco was thrilled and said sure. He loved those photos because he and Craig had "something going on" at that time. I have to agree, those photos were hot. But, then again, so is Mr. Da Silva.


Sh@ney said...

I thought Marco was Str8!

Silly me! But you know not all men who dance with Kylie are Gay...LOL

Seriously I was mislead!

Sue said...

You did not know he was gay!?!?!?? Oh Shaney Boy!!! How can it be????

Sh@ney said...

No I know how crazy that sounds, but seriously I thought he was just a hot dancer/choreographer that got lucky, not only with Kylie but genetically...LOL

I am quite naive at times I guess!