Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The Gentlemen

Finally, The Gentlemen, starring Marco Blaze, Daniel Marvin & Pedro Andreas, is available at Men at Play. See it here.

There are high fyers in this world and then their are men like Marvin. Nothing is out of the question for him. So with a click of his fingers loyal waiter Marco knows exactly whats expected of him as he goes down on his knees to service his VIP clients. When attention turns to his ass he hardly seems phased and dutifully drops his trousers to expose his smooth hole. What Marco does not expect however is when they get carried away and ram both their dicks up his hungry hole at the same time, double fucking him beyond pleasure till he uncontrollably blows his load.

Plus, there is a preview on the Men at Play blog:

Here at MAP we don’t usually tend to define favorites among our movies, but gentlemen has so far been one of the movies we have enjoyed more while filming, Great location, Great cast and an atmosphere of entertainment that made that long day of work a memorable one. While editing the movie, we came across some funny outtakes we couldn’t help posting together with some of the bits that our blog camera got itself. Actors becoming Make-up artists, practicing the script and positions or unexpected visitors made of this “behind the scenes” a must show… hope you enjoy it and get the positive feeling we got that day...


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thonnibg said...

A very funny behind the scene the video!