Monday, June 09, 2008

Movie Review: Showgirls

Cristiano admonished me for never seeing this gay cult movie. So, now I have done my penance and seen it. Here is my review.

I cannot believe I have lived my entire life and never seen this wonderful film!!! How could I have missed the fabulous Elizabeth Barkley’s struggle to become something? Here’s a story I can relate to. Alone, she hitchhikes to Las Vegas to get a job. Poor thing!

Right away she is taken advantage of when her luggage is stolen.

But she meets a nice girl and gets gainful employment as a stripper. Who wouldn’t want to see her sexy “dance” moves on the pole at the Cheetah Club???

Meow! Now she's getting into it!

Ah, but her ultimate dream is to work as a “dancer” at the Stardust as the Goddess. Oh, that would be wunderbar! Heaven! The ultimate! Then she would really be something and somebody! That’s right; she would be the top of the heap! The leader of the pack! But the evil Gina Gershon and her swain Kyle Mac Lachlan stand in her way.

How will she remove this impediment from her climb to the top? All it takes is a little push at the right moment babe. Timing is everything in this business!

Oh, and did I mention that it also helps to sleep your way there too???

Can I just say, hottest sex scene ever! Everybody was wet all over!!! They flailed like fish caught in nets! I'm just sayin'.

Spoiler Alert:
Don't you just love happy endings!

Oh no! But all is not well for Liz and Kyle! Bad things happen in Vegas too! Time to leave before the law catches up with you Liz!!!

Hey, karma's a bitch dude! I want my luggage back!

I was just speechless by the end of this movie. I was overcome and overwhelmed. I cannot even rate this movie. All I can say is see it if you dare! Be ready to be stunned! It really is the best movie ever!


thonnibg said...

Ok,you just persuaded me to see this movie!I`ll look for it in the next store.

YvesPaul said...

I saw it in the theater and I can't stop laughing the whole way. I think a RuPaul remake will be a stunner!

Sue said...

Toni, you have to know that this review was highly tongue in cheek.

thonnibg said...

Sure,I felt that ironic twang:)hehe
But I`m curious to see it.I`m gonna rent it.

Doug said...

Am I going to have to put this in my next round of Netflix films? I almost put it there when Cristiano brought it up, but I really don't know if I can take bad movies with boobs that don't involve Italian serial killers or demons from hell. I have a day before I have to decide.

mascdudewriter said...

I'd love to see a RuPaul remake!

Cristiano Mancini said...

When it came out the movie got the award ad the "worst" movie ever made ! That's why it's a cult! It's embarassing to watch: you can't believe someone thought about those lines and put the money to make such a trashy mess.
But it has to be seen !Sue , I'm proud of you !

Sue said...

We aim to please!

Jessica said...

Taggles! Teehee! I got you back, Sue!

Anonymous said...

One of the best movies ever!