Thursday, June 19, 2008

Francesco D'Macho Posts 2 New Videos on Web Site

Francesco D'Macho has posted two new videos on his web site today. They are Fucking the Electrician parts 2 and 3 and conclude his blue collar fantasy series. In part 1, Francesco gave a blow job to the short, but handsome and hung electrician (above).

In part 2, Francesco sheds his jeans and reclines forward on a large orange mattress on his balcony overlooking the familiar skyline of Madrid. There are decorative clay pots nearby. The electrician does not hesitate to give him a good rimming, spitting on his asshole frequently. Francesco moans periodically, obviously enjoying himself.

Francesco napping on his balcony

The electrician sheds his jeans and gets down to business as they begin to fuck. He takes Francesco from behind, standing with Francesco on all fours on the mattress. If you thought you heard moaning before, you were wrong. Francesco is really moaning now. There is no doubt that he is loving every moment of this fuck. He sounds as if he is going to explode with ecstasy with every stroke of the electrician's ample cock. His mouth gapes open like a landed fish, trying to catch breath as the waves of pleasure wash over him, but never quite bring him back into the water.

In part 3, they switch positions so that Francesco's ass is in the air and continue to have hot, sweaty man sex as evidenced by the dampness on the mattress. Francesco plants his feet on the balcony railing and the electrician grasps the railing for leverage. One can only imagine how great that position must feel.

They are both moaning now as they lower themselves. Francesco jerks furiously and finally a beautiful stream of creamy white cum explodes over his right pectoral muscle. A bit later, the electrician pulls out, and after discarding the condom, and after a bit of tea bagging from Francesco, jerks his load all over Francesco's face. Then he rubs his beautiful brown cock on Francesco's face to smear his load there. He helps Francesco up off the mattress and pisses on his chest as he kneels on the balcony.

He then gets the bill for Francesco to sign and then leaves. Francesco smiles to the camera as if to say "Well that visit was worth every Euro."

What can I say? It was a very, very hot video indeed. If you want to see the video or sign up to see it go here. I recommend it highly.


Doug said...

My favorite videos of the bunch. I want to know how that camera man got up so high to film them in that one shot.

Sue said...

The roof?

Cristiano Mancini said...

Francesco told me that neighbors could see everything the whole time was full day time ! I can' t believe how open are in Spain ! I loved the setting and the color scheme

thonnibg said...

I tought the same,Cristiano,when I saw the many windows around his balkony.What a beautiful balkony he has!

Sh@ney said...

Awe he looks so cute napping too!
I am not sure about the cameraman and his angles, I just know it would have been great to be him...:P

Sue said...

I wondered if people could see while I was watching it Cristiano. There certainly was nothing to stop them and the windows across the alley from his balcony were only a stone's throw away. You could hear the city street noise, traffic, horns, dogs barking, etc. Amazing and wonderful at the same time! I too loved the setting and the color scheme. Of course he knows he lives in a great part of Madrid. I loved how you could see the dome a cathedral in the background. Is it the Almudena Cathedral?

Jessica said...

So... the underwear Francesco has on... welcome mat for "butt pirates," you think?