Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Musical Meme


I was ruthlessly tagged for this meme by Jessica.

[-] Pick an artist: GEORGE MICHAEL
[-] Using only song names, cleverly answer these questions... without repeating song names.

[1] Are you a male or female: If You Were My Woman
[2] Describe your self: Praying for Time
[3] Describe your day: Freedom
[4] Describe where you currently live: A Different Corner
[5] If you could go anywhere, where would you go: Outside
[6] Your best friend is: Move On
[7] Your favorite colour is: Blue
[8] You know that: Love’s in Need of Love Today
[9] What's the weather like: Monkey
[10] If your life was a television show, what would it be called: Older
[11] What is life to you: One More Try
[12] What is the best advice you have to give: Don’t Let the Sun Go Down on You
[13] Describe your ex: Too Funky
[14] Your current relationship status: Amazing
[15] What's your favorite hobby: Fast Love
[16] When you think of your friends: Wake Me Up Before You Go-go
[17] What do your friends think of you: Waiting For That Day
[18] What does your current love interest think of you: Flawless
[19] You always travel with: Faith
[20] The best way to end a long day: I Want Your Sex
[21] Your occupation is: Kissing a Fool
[22] When you grow up, you want: It Doesn’t Really Matter
[23] What does your family think of you: Somebody to Love
[24] Your favorite food is: Hand to Mouth
[25] You want to be remembered as: Ain’t Nobody

I don't think I'm going to tag anyone for this, but if you see it and you want to do it, feel free!


thonnibg said...

Love your answers,Sue.
We have to think of a revenge for Jessica.

Sue said...

We sure do!

Doug said...

I was wondering where you were going to fit in "I Want Your Sex". And you even have "Wake Me Up Before You Go Go". lol

YvesPaul said...

Older and Songs from the Last Century are two of my favorite albums of his.

Jessica said...

I didn't know any GM songs other than the "Go, Go" one and "Faith." I'm glad there was one about sex - y'know, to keep it real.


And I did expect some revenge plotting - just not so openly...

Sh@ney said...

LOL...What a fantastic Meme...and great answers Sue...You did wonders with that one!

Sue said...

Thanks Shaney and all!

Don't worry Jessica, we'll get you, and you little dog too!!! (Could I sound more wicked witch like???)

Jessica said...