Monday, February 11, 2008

Honduran Hooky - Part 11, Butterfly & Carambola Gardens

The next day, I was scheduled for my full body massage with David. I had engaged his services back when we scheduled the trip in the fall. The dive group had been to this resort previously and had good reports on David’s services, so I was anticipating a great massage.

David looked a lot like this dude.

He showed up to my room and Sean left for breakfast. He was quite handsome and asked that I get fully naked, which was expected. I came out of the bathroom wrapped in a sheet and lay down on his massage table that he had set up in the middle of our room. He positioned my body face down and began on my neck. He used a jasmine and grape seed oil combination that smelled really great. He did a kind of acupressure massage and I loved it. He made me moan with pain and pleasure. We talked about what I had been doing to get my back so tight, and I mentioned the horseback riding in Copan. He suggested that I not ride again. He also suggested that I see him again while I was on Roatan. I readily agreed as I was enjoying the massage so much and my back was finally loosening up. I didn’t realize how much pain I was in until he worked on my lower back.

He kept pulling the sheet down my ass, and I was worried that he would see my ass crack, but hell, what difference would it make? Then he rubbed my legs and feet. He asked me to roll over and did my front as well. It was so relaxing. Sean came back at some point. David finished and I thanked him before he left.

None of the resorts were allowing divers in the water today, as it was still too rough out because of the storm. Sean and Woody were going horseback riding on the beach.

Katy and I were going to the Butterfly and Carambola Gardens that were within walking distance of the hotel. So, we met up and began our walk. On the way off the hotel grounds, I spotted a weed growing that had the same flowers I had just bought a month or so before at the grocery store as a tropical flower for my Asia room. Amazing to see it here growing wild and native! This must be paradise!

Everything was still wet and dripping from the storm. It was a long walk, but we finally made it to the Butterfly Garden. We entered the enclosure and tried to spot the many butterflies. Here are some we saw:

Julia Butterfly

Queen Butterfly (Above)

Julia's Sister Butterfly (above)

Owl Butterfly

Long Wing Queen Butterfly

We crossed the parking lot to the entrance to the Carambola Trail.

First we walked in the garden area and read the markers for the various tropical plants and trees. That was interesting as we saw some hardwoods such as mahogany that we had not seen before. Unfortunately, orchids were not in bloom while we were there.

An orchid that is sadly, not in bloom.

Any of these plants can be purchased in the US as tropicals, but here they grow wild.

Then we took the “jungle trail”, which was minimally steep up to the top of the hill and took in the view of Anthony’s Key.

This is pretty much as steep as the trail gets.

The breathtaking view of Anthony's Key from the top.

All in all, the garden was well maintained and pleasant. Roatan is a tropical paradise; let no one tell you differently.


thonnibg said...

Great pics,Sue.Love them!

dit said...

What a beautiful Place!