Friday, February 01, 2008

Friday Fantasy - Part 19, Ecuadorian Equinox

Before I begin this final chapter of Ecuadorian Equinox, I would like to thank my brother, Verne, for his help. Verne lived peacefully in a rainforest in Ecuador for six months studying minimal sizes needed for a forest to survive as far as the pressures of logging some years ago. He supplied information on living in this ecosystem such as diet, bathing, Ecuadorian Army involvement (they actually flew him in a helicopter to his camp with guys with machine guns), sleeping arrangements (they didn’t share bags, but they used them), attire, sexes and sex as well as many other aspects that brought realism to this story. I cannot thank him enough. Verne loved Ecuador so much, that now he thinks of retiring there. Thank you Verne, your little sister loves you!

Pete, Mr. Butterfly, Austin, Chuck and I arrived at Oscar’s hospital room together later that same afternoon. Oscar was sitting up in bed watching television and jabbering away in Spanish to his two wounded Ecuadorian Army roomies. He was so happy to see us and broke from his conversation immediately.

“Well, they let anybody in here don’t they!” he exclaimed when he saw us.

Right away he shook hands with Pete, Austin, Chuck and Mr. Butterfly and gave me a hug. “Hey how are you guys doing?”

“We should as you the same question,” said Pete. “When are they springing you from this joint?”

“Maybe today. The doctor should be coming around anytime now.”

“That’s great news Oscar!”, replied Pete. “I’ve been meaning to talk to you about something. I thought you did a super job on this trip. You were there when we needed you, tracking the guerrillas handily, spying on Cristo and Sue, gaining Cristo’s trust, fighting the guerrillas with a machine gun. All in all, your performance was above and beyond what I hired you for and very impressive. In light of that, I am offering you a contract with my company on all of my future jobs that might require your services.”

“Wow, Pete, that’s really great! Thanks so much!”, said Oscar with a huge grin. “When do I start?”

“Cool your jets amigo! You’re still healing. I’ll let you know when I need you. Deal?”


Just then the Doctor walked in. It was really crowded and so Austin and Chuck left and waited in the hallway.

“Buenos tardes Oscar. Are these the American Doctors that you were telling me about?”, he asked as he went about examining Oscar and looking under his bandage at the wound.

“Yes Doctor Gomez.”

I said “But he is a Lepidopterist.”

“And she is a botanist.”, finished Mr. Butterfly.

Dr. Gomez looked up and said “Still I am pleased to make your acquaintance. Oscar, the wound looks good; it is healing well and the infection is gone. I will stop the Vancomycin drip and begin the month supply of oral antibiotics. Remember Oscar, you must take all of the drugs regardless of how you feel. You can check out now.” Then he smiled and shook our hands vigorously. We all smiled.

Oscar couldn’t wait to get out. His clothes were right there in a bag that the guys had brought. He couldn’t get dressed fast enough. There were no papers to sign and he walked out with us, a free man.

* * *

That night at dinner, William presented our findings as far as the Teagueia. All told we had found 6 species already found previously. Not bad when you considered the short time we had on the mountain. The north group had found 4 and the south group had found 3, but there was an overlap of one species. We felt pretty good about our results. The problem was, the Ecuadorian Army was combing the area for more guerrillas and would not allow any expeditions on the mountain for a year. That really sucked. So, we had to feel satisfied for now at least.

After dinner, Austin leaned over to Oscar and none too subtly whispered “Would you like to come upstairs with Mr. B and me?” Then he winked at him.

Oscar kind of rolled his eyes but said “Sure.” So they all stood and excused themselves and went up the stairs together. We all exchanged uncomfortable glances. I couldn’t help it, as soon as they had closed the door upstairs, I began to laugh. That broke the ice for every body and everybody joined in the chuckle. Smooth, they were not.

Everyone got up from the table at that point and began milling about. Pete and I went for a quick walk around Quito before we retired for the evening. Tonight we were going to play a game. The game that I promised him when we were at the 3200 meters north camp. That seemed so long ago now. As we climbed the stairs at the hotel, I had to get into the correct mindset for the game.

Pete was going to attack me when we got into the room and I was going to fight him off to the best of my ability. Ha! This would be good. I wonder how long he was going to let me get away with this charade. So, I opened the door and we entered the room. I put the keys on the bureau. I hadn’t even turned around and he grabbed my upper arm with a vice like grip. I wrestled free with some force and stood my ground in a horse stance facing him. He laughed at me. Bastard! Though I must admit, I must be crazy to think I could take on this mountain of a man. But then again, I wasn’t thinking I would win. That wasn’t the plan at all.

Pete held his hand towards my face and I slapped it away. He smiled. He unbuckled his pants and began to unbutton his shirt. Cheeky devil I thought. I tried to kick him in the balls and almost got him. He stepped back at the last moment. I was kind of glad that I missed as I wouldn’t have wanted to hurt him there. At least now he kept his eye on me. I continued to move around the room, staying out of reach. But I only delayed the inevitable. Finally, clad only in his boxers, Pete made his move. He stepped into the middle of my horse stance and grabbed me around the waist with one huge arm and lifted me clean off of the floor. He carried me to the bed and threw me onto it. I felt like a twig. I only could have fought back if I meant to seriously hurt him. But I would never give in!

I scrambled to get away. His weight wasn’t on me yet, so I did. He didn’t realize that would have to hold me down because I intended to fight every moment this time. I managed to get off the bed entirely. He caught me before I got very far though and pulled me back down onto the mattress. Now it became a battle of hands. His fought to get my clothes off, and mine fought to keep them on. Then it dawned on him that he could hold both my hands in one of his and undress me with his other hand. But my legs were kicking, so he pinned them under his massive legs. All this time, he had the raging hard-on of all time. It was really difficult to fight him off, when what I really wanted was right there rubbing all over me. I was completely soaking wet, by the time he lost patience and ripped my panties off. He then plunged into me, filling me up and sending me straight to heaven. There is nothing like that feeling. I came straight away, spasming on him and he moaned with appreciation as he continued to pump away at me. He kissed me deeply, and I loved the feeling of his scruffy unshaveness on my chin. Then he put his huge forearm under my ass and lifted me up. Then he could really pump freely and quickly and I loved it. But I think I was supposed to be still fighting him off. Fuck that! I was way too into it now. I just lay back and moaned with pleasure. He was getting that telltale blush on his face, neck and chest that foretold wonderful things to come. I looked up at his beautiful muscles as they worked together to fuck me into oblivion. He breathing quickened and then, he seemed to be catching his breath, then suddenly he came with a groan. He collapsed on top of me and our sweat mingled together.

I loved him.

Oscar found himself in the room with Austin and Mr. B. There was one queen size bed and three guys. Austin spoke.

“Um, well recently I have found that I am gay. Mr. B here is the only guy I have been with so far. I am looking to, well; expand my horizons, if you catch my drift.”

Oscar chuckled and replied “That’s great that you can say that Austin! Congratulations! I am glad to help out in any way I can.” Then he smiled broadly. “Just let me know how I can help.”

Austin looked at Mr. Butterfly and said “Are you game?”

“Um, yeah!”, said the young explorer remembering how great Oscar looked naked and the size of his dick.

“Okay then, I will propose a plan. Oscar you are injured so you might have to lie down on the bed and not move a lot. Mr. B will be fucked by Oscar, and will blow me. How does that sound? Every body cool with that?”

Oscar said “Sounds like a plan.”

The young explorer said “Cool.”

So, the three young men began to undress casually together, sometimes kissing, caressing and fondling each other. When they got to Oscar’s shoulder Austin and the young explorer were gentle and wanted to remove the bandages and kiss it to make it better. But Oscar did not let them. He laid on the bed while the young explorer was on his hands and knees to give him a blow job. It did not take long for Oscar to get good and hard. How large his uncut erection was!

The young explorer licked up and down the length of it before engulfing it entirely and giving it a good hard suck. Then he swallowed it repeatedly while Oscar moaned. The young explorer was pleasantly surprised to feel Austin licking his butt hole out. Had he taught Austin to rim? This was an unexpected turn on.

Oscar soon reached for the condoms by the bed and donned one. He lubed up and the young explorer turned to squat over him. He lowered himself slowly over Oscar to control the entry of the enormous dick into his butt hole. This might hurt a bit. It did hurt. At least he was in control of the pain and it would be over soon enough. When it was done, and Oscar was all the way in, it felt so good, the young explorer never wanted it to stop. Oscar was feeling no pain either. There was Austin, the interest apparent on his face; he had never seen anyone else top someone. But now, he wanted the young explorer’s mouth to service him too. So, the young explorer opened wide and allowed Austin’s erection into his mouth. Austin slapped his open mouth with his erection first, to punish him for letting another man fuck him. Finally he allowed the young explorer to suck his dick. Austin grabbed his head and force fed him his dick, ensuring that he didn’t lose it busy as he was fucking Oscar.

Oscar came pretty quickly, perhaps because he was in the hospital and it had been so long since he had sex. So, Austin decided to finish the young explorer. He donned a condom, bent the man over and fucked the young explorer like there was no tomorrow. He made up for the size difference with his vigour. Both he and the young explorer came explosively together.



thonnibg said...

Sue,I`ll miss your story a lot!
Great end!

Regards to your brother:)

Peter said...

All's well that ends well... A great finish of a great story!

Thanks, Sue!

Dennis said...

I can't believe the story is ending. I assume you're already prepping Ecuadorian Equinox II: The Equalizer?

Doug said...

More Oscar, please. Please tell me he's in the sequel. Have the two couples, Sue and Pete and Butterfly and Oscar (you know how I feel about Austin----let him go exploring on his own), go off on erotic adventures together.

Sue said...

Some of our more favorite characters will be making reappearances in future stories. The problem is, that I keep finding new and more compelling photos that I am dying to create new characters and stories around, so I haven't quite gotten to that yet... But I want to bring the Russians back, the Moroccan entomologist, and now Pete and Oscar. That's quite a list. So, just hang on; wait until you see the next story!!!

G Cracker said...

WOW what an explosive ending!! That was great!! I can officially say I love Ecuador as well!!

Um, yes to bringing the Russians back! I don't remember his name anymore (so many fucks, so little brainpower...) but the gay Russian character is still my favorite of Mr. B's men. (By a small margin, but still.)

Also, you *must* bring Austin back at least briefly, there's this whole loose end with his girl and what goes on there!