Sunday, February 24, 2008

Arrumako: Special New Link


Every now and then I check where my referrals come from and reciprocate the links. Recently, I found that Beni, a blogger from Galicia, Spain, is a large referrer. So I checked out his blog, Arrumako. It was a wonderful surprise to find that he has a wealth of Oliver Frey art work, much of it that I had not seen anywhere before! I will post some samples here and then you can go visit his blog to see his collection of Oliver Frey. He also has a fine collection of other comics such as Teasy Meat (black & white), Bike Boy (full color sheets), Tender Bait (full color sheets), Funfair Surprise (full color sheets), and Champ’s Party (full color sheets).

Boy from Borstal (Click any image to enlarge)

Warrior Boy

Porn Director’s Low Down

Danger Boy

And miscellaneous drawings

In addition to their art work, he also has a photo of the artist, and a short biography. This is a feature I have never seen on a blog before. But it makes perfect sense to have it.

Oliver Frey

Beni also has a compilation of Etienne drawings which I am over time becoming partial to.


But there is so much more than just art in this blog. There is also gay porn, movie reviews, and poetry to name but a few. The blog is entirely in Spanish, but computer translation to other languages is available. While not perfect, I still wish I had that capability. So go check my newest link and enjoy!


Arrumako said...

Thank you very much for your comments and to suggest that they should visit my blog. You are a darling.

I do not speak very well English as soon as I am using an automatic translator, as you will be able to check, jejeje.

I hope that to the visitors that you address my blog to also they like it, I will try to improve it every day a little bit.

A Kiss and again thanks.

Sue said...

You are very welcome Beni!

thonnibg said...

I came across Beni`s blog by chance a couple of days ago and I too find it quite interesting.

Anonymous said...

A good blog. Thanks for sharing it with us Sue.

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