Thursday, February 07, 2008

Francesco D'Macho's Safe Sex Campaign in Australia

Francesco D'Macho recently traveled Down Under to take part in a safe sex campaign on behalf of the porn industry. A sharp increase in HIV infections has been seen in males under the age of 30, so the campaign is definitely needed. Francesco notes that there is a rise in so called "bare backing" porn also and this must be combated.

Thus, Francesco rides to the rescue. What better choice than he, I ask you? Who could resist his charms? He is active in both the porn industry and his personal sex life and in both he practices safe sex. Plus he is to die for gorgeous. Sigh.

So, here he is in Melbourne, signing Hot House shirts, jeans, or even skin.

And here he is trying to get the microphone away from TV personality Adam Richard.

So check out Francesco's blog to hear the wonderful interview he gave. Such important work should not go unnoticed. Great job Francesco!

Next he will be in Sydney.


Anonymous said...

he is consistently one of the ugliest men i have ever seen...his eyes are practically on either side of his head.

Sue said...

Ha ha ha!