Friday, February 15, 2008

Friday Fantasy - Part 2, Devil Down Under

Austin wasn’t sure he liked living in Baltimore or his brand new gay life. He felt so alone. Since he had come out to his fiancée Diane and she had given him the boot, told him to get himself and his crap out of their apartment, and then burst into tears, he felt like shit. Lowest of the low is how he felt. It was easy to think that he could move out east from Texas with Pete and then hook up with Mr. B and everything would be hunky-dory. But life wasn’t always that way. Things that seemed easy in thought were not so easy in deed.

He had moved in with Chuck, a chain smoker and that was driving him up the wall. He couldn’t stand second hand smoke. His sinuses were a mess from it. He looked down at his black combat boots as they hit the cold pavement. He felt so lost. At least he was employed. That was good. But Mr. B was on another trip, his plane left today for Australia. So getting together with him was a no go. Austin sheepishly walked north on North Charles Street to the Baltimore Eagle. It was getting late on this Friday night. He was kind of shy about picking anybody up and he was lacking experience to do so. But temptation was everywhere and he was so lonely. He hadn’t had sex since he was with Mr. B and Oscar in Ecuador. His balls were aching from inaction. Just jacking off wasn’t cutting it anymore. He needed an ass to pound and quick. He tried to control his thinking and be more rational. There, the Eagle was just opening up. He could duck in there and see what was going on. Maybe get himself a drink or so. He caught his breath. He had never been in a gay bar before. This was it. He was going in.

All eyes were on him as he entered. He felt like fresh meat. He was fresh meat. This was a new experience for him. Now he knew how girls felt when they entered a bar alone. He was being sized up by everyone. At least he was a Marine he thought. He was capable of defending himself. He had killed people with his own hands. At least that is what he thought to himself to make himself feel better about the situation. But as he looked at some of the tougher looking guys in leather, he shrank a bit inside. They just looked scary to him. They looked as if they could take quite a bit of pain and not flinch. No, they looked as if they could take the pain and enjoy it, or even get turned on by it. Now, that was a scary thought.

But, Austin walked bravely up to the bar, where he was instantly surrounded by twinkish admirers. He ordered a beer. Young fey men were fawning all over him. He was not interested in any of them. They were not butch enough for him.

“Well, well, Adonis. Where have you been all of my life?”, purred one admirer leaning closer with his chin on one hand.

Austin just smiled at him, chuckled and turned and walked away.

“Well, I never!”, said the rejected twink to his supportive cadre of pals.

Austin just didn’t like the scene and decided to leave. So he drained his mug of beer and walked back out onto the street. He had walked several blocks before he realized he was being followed. It was the group of twinks from the Eagle. There had to be five or six of them and they were gaining on him. He quickened his pace to see if he could lose them without a confrontation. But suddenly, they broke into a run and grabbed his jacket and pulled him into an alley.

He hollered and tried to fight them, but he was sorely outnumbered. He would land maybe one good punch, but then there was another guy right there to hit him back and grab that arm. He was going to lose to these twink freaks. They were berating him too saying things like; just who the hell did he think he was to turn them down? They intended to have their way with him and were busy stripping him of his clothes. He screamed continually, but despaired of help. Who would have thought that a Marine like him would fall victim to a group of skinny kids? My god he thought, what would Pete say?

Just when he had lost all hope, he heard a dog barking and a voice say “Hey you kids, what are you doing there? Knock it off, or I am calling the police on my cell phone!”

The Good Samaritan told his boxer dog to stay and waded into the fight and began pulling the twinks off of Austin. They did not resist much and mostly were trying to get away for fear of the police or the dog who continued to bark savagely. Austin though half naked and exhausted, looked up to see who his savior was and couldn’t believe his eyes. The man who stood before him was absolutely sexy and beautiful in every way.

“Are you okay there?” The man’s dog came to Austin slowly to see if he was alright, and then began to lick his face.

“Yes. Thank you. I thought I was done for until you came along. The name is Austin.” He began to pet the dog.

“You looked like you could use the help Austin. My name is Doug. Pleased to meet you. Shall we get out of here? Do you want me to call a cab?” He grabbed his dog’s leash and pulled her away from Austin. “Don’t mind Dorothy, she’s just trying to help too. She would have loved to have gotten a piece of one of those boys.”

Austin chuckled. “I am sure she would have! No thanks to the cab. I don’t live too far away.” He tried to stand and had no problem. Adjusting his clothing and putting it back on he realized that he was going to have a fat lip in the morning though. “But my roommate is a chain smoker and it drives me nuts.”

“I live alone except for Dorothy that is; would you like to come to my place for a cup of coffee?”

“Oh, I could never intrude like that, but wow, it would be great, thanks for offering!”, said an enthusiastic Austin, thinking he had just won the boyfriend lottery.

Indeed, Doug did not live too far away. They walked there in no time and the cute little apartment was really a flat in a darling small brownstone house.

The décor was adorable as well, though that may have lost on our Marine. But he was head over heels in lust with Doug. Dorothy was rewarded for obeying commands with a rawhide bone. She went to lie down on her bed and chew on that.

What a good girl she was!

Espresso was prepared on the stove and served in tiny Italian cups that Doug had inherited from his grandmother with almond biscotti. Austin brought the cup to his lips to sip and it stung his cut where he was hit by an anger twink.

Doug said, “Oh, let me get you some ice for that!” Then he rushed to his fridge for ice. He put it into a clean dish towel and rushed back to Austin. He held the back of Austin’s head and placed the ice bag gingerly on Austin’s lip. Austin looked up into Doug’s eyes. There was no denying the chemistry between them now. He shrugged off the bag of ice and brought his face closer to Doug’s. It was up to Doug to meet him for the kiss or not. Doug did. What a kiss it was too. At first it was just a meeting of soft lips, a testing if you will. Then, Austin tasted Doug’s lips with his tongue by brushing them with it. Then he opened his mouth a little inviting Doug to join him. Doug did. Then the tongue play began. Doug eventually sat on Austin’s lap and they embraced fully and as the kiss developed, and as hands began to wander over bodies, moaning ensued.

Austin loved Doug’s body. He could feel the man’s hard pectoral muscles and erect nipples. Obviously this guy had spent some time at the gym. His arms too were firm and well developed. His thighs and ass were solid too. He was reluctant to touch his crotch at first, because that was a point of no return. But he glanced down and could see that Doug was excited. So, he let his hands go there too. God, he almost swooned when he felt Doug’s rod. Doug was huge! Without thinking, Austin undid Doug’s belt and unbuttoned the top of Doug’s pants. Doug moaned in response to that. Austin could not control himself at all. He wanted Doug’s cock, for what he did not know. He just had to see it. He unzipped Doug’s fly and Doug helped him free his cock. Oh my god! It was enormous! Cut and beautiful! Straight and tall! Austin was drooling. He had to suck this dick.

“Stay there.” He told Doug, as he slid him off of his lap and slid to the floor. Doug sat back down on the chair. He opened his mouth and put it on Doug’s cock, and that was when he was reminded that he had a fat lip. It hurt like a motherfucker when he tried to suck cock. “Shit! It’s my lip! I can’t suck you because my lip hurts! Fuck!”

“Well, I could fuck you…”

“Um, well, I’ve never had… I’ve never done…”

“Oh. Okay. Come with me.”

Doug led Austin to the bedroom. There they began caressing each other again. Doug stroked Austin’s erection and undid Austin’s belt and fly. Austin’s loose pants slid to the ground. Doug pushed Austin back onto the bed and began to untie his boots and remove them. Then he took off Austin’s pants while Austin removed his own shirt. Doug licked the length of Austin’s cock as a prelude to blowing him. He separated Austin’s knees and knelt in between them. He licked the helmet of Austin’s cock and then went down on him deeply, throating him at the apex. With his left hand, he parted Austin’s legs and began to stroke Austin’s anus gently. Austin moaned and raised his pelvis.

Doug quickly lubed his fingers and inserted his index finger into Austin’s asshole while he was blowing him. Austin instinctively parted his legs a bit more and bucked up a bit, putting his feet up on the bed.

“Oh god, Doug, that feels so good!”, said Austin.

So, Doug continued and put another finger in also. Austin moaned more and Doug put a final finger in while continuing to blow Austin. Austin was cringing and moaning with pleasure on the bed from all of this attention from Doug. Then suddenly he said “Doug, please fuck me! Please, I want you to, please!”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes, oh god yes!”

So Doug pulled his fingers out of Austin’s butt and licked them clean while Austin watched. Then he donned a rubber and lubed up. Austin was still moving as if he was being fucked and was jacking himself to say erect.

“Roll over; it will hurt less if you do.”

Austin complied. Doug put his erection up against Austin’s asshole and began to press it in. The head popped in pretty easily and Austin didn’t flinch. As a matter of fact, Austin began to back onto Doug’s cock. That is, until it began to hurt. “Fuck man that hurts!”

“I know, but it will stop hurting and just become pleasant if you give it a chance. Okay?”


So Doug proceeded to slowly advance his huge cock into Austin’s butt. Austin did not cry out, but tears escaped his eyes involuntarily and he grimaced in pain. Once Doug was all the way in, which took excruciating minutes, he began to pull out, and then come back in. Suddenly it didn’t hurt so bad anymore and Austin was liking it. He put his hand on his own cock again and began to jerk it to life once more. It felt so good to have Doug inside of him, making love to him. But he really wanted to watch Doug’s face. He asked if Doug could face him and Doug said “Yes.”

So Doug moved to be on top of him on the bed and Austin raised his legs into the air. It was more difficult for Doug to enter Austin this way, but it was worth it to see Doug’s beautiful face. His huge brown eyes gazed into Austin’s baby blues. Austin said “Kiss me!” And Doug did just that. Doug’s soft thick lips met Austin’s lips as they fucked. “I am getting really close to cumming.”, said Austin after a while.

“Go for it then.”, said Doug.

Then Austin’s face grimaced a bit as his body contracted with cumming while he jerked furiously. He cried out a bit as he came. His jism sprayed onto his belly and chest.

“Good boy!”, encouraged Doug.

Then Doug pulled out, and took off the condom and jacked off onto Austin’s belly and chest moaning with his release as he did so. Then he collapsed onto Austin and the two men held each other and kissed deeply.

“I think we need a shower. Don’t you?”

“Yup. I’d say so.”, said Austin.

“Then, I was hoping that you could stay the night. Can you?”

Austin smiled. What a relief; this was not a one night stand. “I sure can. I am so glad you asked.”

They kissed again. Both of them were blissful. Dorothy cracked one eye open, glad her master was in love again and wagged her stubby tail soundlessly.

Doug photo credit: Brawny Stud (link in sidebar)


thonnibg said...

Sue,that was absolutely fantastic!!!I enjoyed each word and sentence.
Doug looks stunning!Dorothy is very cute too:)

BTW I have the same Italian coffee machine:)I liked that coffee line cuz I`m a coffee freak.

Peter said...

It seems the 'Devil' is down under in Baltimore!

Great story Sue, and from the beginning an unexpected twist.

Sue said...

Thanks Toni & Peter!

Well, I was all set to write about Dr. Fairview or Mr. Butterfly, but then I saw this incredible photo over at Brawny Stud and I had to write about it first thing. So I paired him up with my only available character, Austin. I am so glad that you liked the story. I christened him Doug because he plays the hero in this story and there is a certain blogger that sometimes fancies himself as a superhero also. We will return to the regular story next week.

Rob Bartell said...

I love it Sue! Doug will flip! :)

Sue said...

Thanks Rob!

Doug said...

Um, I don't know what to say. It's like you've been reading my diaries (I wish). LOL

Somehow you've actually managed to make me like Austin now. Can't wait to see where you go with this.