Sunday, February 17, 2008

2008 GAYVNs Photos & Results

The 2008 GAYVN Awards were held last night in San Francisco and here are some photos stolen from Gaypornblog and Fleshbot. The bad news is that Francesco didn't win any of the awards he was nominated for. (Crying now.)

Arriving on the red carpet are Jonathan Vargas, Jason Ridge and Damien Crosse.

Here we see Sister Roma, Chi Chi La Rue, and Francesco D'Macho.

Erik Rhodes arrives.

Sister Roma with Tiger Tyson on the red carpet. Tiger later won Lifetime Achievement.

Jake Deckard won for Performer of the Year.

Blake Riley won for Best Newcomer. Isn't he cute?

Ben Leon and Chris Ward won for Best Director and Best Picture for Grunts.

The full list of winners can be seen at Attempted Entertainment.

UPDATE: More photos are available at Bill in Exile.

Scott will continue posting some of his 200 photographs throughout the day, so keep checking back there.


Even more photos from BIE, Jake Deckard with his two awards for Best Actor and Performer of the Year.

Francesco D'Macho poses with Master Dro.

So get over there and take another look!


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Sister Roma is HOT!!!

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Welcome back Doug!

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