Saturday, May 03, 2008

New Watercolor Paint Brushes

Yesterday afternoon I was all excited because I was going to visit my favorite art supplies store. So I got Laila, my German Shepherd Dog, into my Jeep Wrangler and off we went towards the shoreline. On the way there I was thinking it was time to put the soft top on the Jeep so that I can have it down like a convertible for the Summer. That would be so cool!

We got there and the store was no more! There was some clay pot painting place there now. So, we went to a paint store that also carries art supplies and was only a short drive away. They no longer carried art supplies! The lady there told me that the old man at the art supplies store had retired and that they no longer carried art supplies because so many artists bought stuff online. I would have to drive to New Haven or New London to buy brushes. I was sure that they would be pricey at those places. So I drove home to look online.

I did and confirmed that all my current brushes suck even though they are sable. So I bought six new artist grade brushes. Here they are:

They were comparatively expensive, but I need them to do my art. I can't wait to get them! I hope my drawing is done by then and ready for paint.

I also looked at Sumi-e brushes, but there are so many types and variety of prices I was confused. Hirano, if you could recommend one for me that would be a big help.


YvesPaul said...

Can't wait to see more of your artworks. :)

Sue said...

Uh oh, the pressures on now!

Doug said...

Where did you go on line for the art supplies? I found that Dick Blick's ( has pretty good prices and frequent sales.

Sue said...

Yup, that is where I went. I got 20% off on this set. They also have the Arches blocks of paper that I use.

Sh@ney said...

Eh Hem! You have a Jeep Wrangler with the soft top option!! OMG!!
OK over the shock and envy now...LOL

New brushes for New art, it fits honey! And I too cannot wait to see what you stroke up next! Oh that was kinky!

One day if your ever stuck for something to paint, you could always put it to your readers to submit an image worthy of your talents, be kinda cool seeing what they came up with and the end result. Nothing like a challenge...And if your like me, I always seem to put more into it when I am being challenged. *winks* Just a thought for down the road.

love ya darling!

Sue said...

Golly Shaney, I would be very afraid of what images my readers would come up with! *giggle*

BTW: I love my Jeep. The road is where ever I decide it is. Sigh. It was worth every penny.

Sh@ney said...

LOL Sue, I was afraid you would be afraid of that very element of my idea.

I wont be seeing who you mentioned in Sydney sweetie, as he stopped contact with me a long time ago, guess I was not a worthy friend huh...But I will have too much fun regardless of who I chance upon meeting....xoxo