Friday, May 09, 2008

Does He Do Windows?

I've been looking for some help around the house and then I came upon this photo this morning and I thought, hey, look here, Steve Cruz cleans bathrooms in heels with a hard-on! How cool! I bet all my toilets would be sparkling fresh all the time if he was here to help me! I wonder if he does windows?

Seriously folks, Steve is pictured like this as part of a highly entertaining Celebrity Ask Steve series that is on his blog right now. This was a dare from Chi Chi La Rue. Each question has a photo with it. You must check it out. I am adding Steve as a link just so you can.

Hat tip to Toni.


thonnibg said...

And I hope he does floors...on all fours:)Mhm,that would be a perfect view to enjoy from behind...
Love this guy!He is never boring.

Sh@ney said...

Eeeeek...there is nothing flattering about a hot guy cleaning a dunny...LOL