Friday, May 02, 2008

Friday Fantasy - Part 13, Devil Down Under

Alex, Garry and Mr. Butterfly boarded their flight for Newman, Western Australia in the Sydney airport at noon. Take off went as planned and the jet made a stopover at Perth and their final landing was at about nine o’clock p.m. at Newman. Garry rented their Land Rover Defender 110. they still had over an hour’s drive to their hotel, the Karijini Eco Retreat. They threw our bags into the Rover and off they went.

They arrived at the lodge completely tuckered out from traveling. Mr. Butterfly reflected that he didn’t know why travel is so tiring; you just sit around all day doing nothing, but at the end of it all you are pretty tired out. The manager of the lodge showed them to their tent.

All three of them were going to share one tent and they were going to bring in a rollaway bed for Alex. they decided to check out the whirlpool bath in the courtyard. So in just their swim trunks they went out there. It was really pretty hot outside for that time of night. But both Garry and Alex said that it needed to be hot for the snakes to be active.

The plan was to stay up late tonight, sleep in tomorrow as late as possible, and do some sight seeing in the afternoon. Have a really late dinner and then go snake hunting after dark.

Mr. Butterfly settled into the water to let himself soak. It was just the three of them in the water. He could hear the water bubbling around his ears. He felt a foot touch his and he assumed it was Garry’s so he touched it back playfully and grinned stupidly. But Alex grinned at him.

Mr. Butterfly kind of frowned and looked at Garry. Garry just winked at him. Mr. Butterfly wondered just what was going on with this game of footsie. Garry moved closer to him and gave him a peck on the cheek.

“I thought we could all be closer if we let Alex in on our game during the trip.”, said Garry.

The young explorer just said one word. “Yes.”

All three of them hurried off to their tent with huge grins. Very late the next morning, they arose and went sight seeing in the Karijini National Park. They saw all of the major sights including:

the Circular Pool,

the Fern Pool,

the Handrail Pool,

and Weano Gorge.

As they drove around they also saw the Marble Bar in nearby Newman.

After dark, they hunted for death adders in the Land Rover Defender 110. They piled in with their snake hooks and other collecting equipment and drove the deserted roads of the Pilbara looking for “red lines” on the road which would be death adders crossing. The temperature was scalding hot, unbearably so, and that was what was necessary for snakes. They drove for miles and miles before they saw one. Then they screeched to a halt and Garry and Alex jumped out of the Rover with their snake hooks and Mr. Butterfly brought the dust bin. Alex scooped the snake off the road before it could side wind itself away into the spinifex grass. It was a large male death adder. He gently placed it into the dust bin. They whooped and hollered in triumph. They caught one! They secured the dust bin in the back of the Rover and began to drive again.

They drove on for another hour before they saw another red line. Mr. Butterfly was supposed to catch this one. He raced out of the Rover with his snake hook and without hesitation hooked it, and almost lost it as the snake tried to side wind away. But then he readjusted his hook and re-caught it. He tossed it into the dust bin without much ceremony or gentility.

“Nice save mate!”, said Alex. Both Alex and Garry gave him a pat on the back. In Mr. Butterfly’s mind, the mission was completed; he had caught a death adder in a snake hunt in Australia. He could go home now. He smiled a big smile at his buddies.

They continued hunting but didn’t catch any more death adders that night. They continued to try for a few more days, but only caught one more. A take of three death adders total was good for the Reptile Park.

They parted sadly at the Newman Airport. Mr. Butterfly was headed back to the Baltimore Airport and Garry and Alex were headed to Sydney. Mr. Butterfly hugged his new friends goodbye. He would certainly miss their camaraderie.

During his flight back, as he settled in his "comfy" airline seat, he remembered that first night with Alex and Garry. How awkward was that? They arrived back at the tent soaking wet from the pool in nothing but their swimsuits. They knew they were going to have sex. Mr. Butterfly was a bit embarrassed in front of Alex. How to break the ice he wondered? But Garry was a big help. He came over and kissed Mr. Butterfly and then kissed Alex. Then he brought them together and had them kiss each other.

Garry took the young explorer’s hands and put them on Alex’s chest and put Alex’s hands on the young explorer’s chest. He pushed the two of them closer to each other. He waited until nature took its course and they needed no further urging to continue to make out. Then he joined in. Hands began going onto asses and crotches and erections ensued. Swimsuits were stripped off. Naked butts emerged.

Mr. Butterfly chuckled to himself as he recalled the scene. What a sight they must have been, the three of them buck naked!

Alex’s erection was quite stunning and the young explorer couldn’t wait to take him in his mouth. So he pushed Alex back onto the bed and licked his erection base to tip and then took the helmet into his eager mouth. It was so soft and silky. He dove down on it to the pubes making Alex shudder. He twiddled with one of Alex’s nuts meanwhile. Garry headed for Alex’s mouth with his penis and Alex opened wide for it. The young explorer thought to himself that maybe these two had shared a boyfriend before. But he continued to concentrate on what he was doing to Alex. In no time he had Alex moaning and writhing with pleasure.

But Garry sat up and said “Alex we are being bad hosts. We are ignoring our guest. I think he needs a good fucking. Don’t you?”

“Absolutely!”, replied Alex.

The young explorer didn’t know what to think. He really wanted to be fucked, but was hesitant to ask. But there was Alex rubbering up. Alex grabbed the young explorer’s hips and pulled him closer. The young explorer could feel Alex’s erection on his back side and then pop! It went in easily with all of the lubrication. God it felt good. He wilted with the pleasure of how it felt. It was as if all of his nerve endings were alive in there and telling him that life was really good. When Alex hit that special spot, it was heaven indeed and the young explorer felt he would explode with pleasure.

“Don’t stop!”, cried the young explorer with abandon. It seemed so wrong that just about any young man could bring about this much pleasure thought the young explorer. But there it was. Of course he came with Alex and didn’t even get to have sex with Garry. How could he be expected to hold back when it felt so good?

But he had rested and had sex with Garry in the second round that night. When they did sleep, they all shared the queen sized bed. It was plenty big enough for the three of them. But they messed up the sheets on the rollaway anyhow.

So that was what Mr. Butterfly was thinking during the ungodly long flight home to Baltimore to pass the time.

* * *

A note to my readers: I have had a really great time writing the weekly Friday Fantasies. But I am going to focus on my art now and in the future will only write fantasies as the mood strikes and not on a weekly schedule. I hope you understand. Kisses!


thonnibg said...

Thanks for the wonderful Friday Fantasies,Sue!I`ll miss them.

Glad you decided to go back to drawing.I hope we`ll be able to see some of your work.


Sue said...

Of course I will post my work Toni! Its just that the research needed for writing the fantasies was taking lots of focus away from the art. I can only achieve that level of focus for 1-2 hours per day due to my disability. So, it has to go to my art. Priorities. But I have plenty of ideas for my exciting adventures for Mr. Butterfly et al., so you will be hearing from them.

Peter said...

Thanks Sue for weeks and weeks of entertainment.

Sue Fairview took already some time off at the start of this last series and now Mr. Butterfly can take a rest too.

Sue said...

You are welcome Peter!

Sh@ney said...

I have thoroughly enjoyed your tales Sue, they have been both exciting & adventurous. Not too mention Dang Hot Baby! hehe

You certainly did your homework, I had no idea many of those places in my own country existed...LOL

I may have to be the next young (OLD) explorer...:P
Again thankyou for entertaining us.

Sue said...

It has been my pleasure Shaney Boy!

Doug said...

Sorry to see the Friday fantasies go, but I'm glad you're starting up on the art. Can't wait to see the fruits of your labor.

Sue said...

Oh no! The pressure's on now!