Thursday, May 15, 2008

Australian Big Brother 8

Unlike Big Brother here in the US, Australia's version has complete male nudity in the showers and guys who have bodies that are good enough to watch. Case in point, Rory, who has size 13 feet and blond dreadlocks.

There is also a video that can be accessed at All Aussie Beef, where these photos are from. Enjoy!


thonnibg said...

Hehe,there was a complete male nudity in our edition of Big Brother either.In the German too.
And this not only in the showers:)))
I have noticed that front male nudity in the US movies is a taboo.Asses yes-dicks no!:)
Hope that`ll change.

ehirano said...

Here in Mexico male nudity in BB´s house is not a problem too, guess US is a step behind us about it. in the last BB VIP I had the chance to see some male celebrity skin, yummy :P

Kisses Pretty Lady.

Sue said...

Here in the US, you wouldn't want to see it anyhow, the guys were pretty overweight and out of shape. Nothing too hot to look at.

Sh@ney said...

LOL Rory almost bit the bullet last Sunday night he was lucky enuf to escape eviction. He does have the hottest body out of the guys this year, but I am not keen on his persona! But then who cares if he is a dickhead or not...*winks*

Doug said...

Now THAT's how you design a shower for Big Brother. Though you're right Sue, most of the guys from this year's US show you wouldn't want to see naked.