Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Francesco D'Macho's New Website Open!

Francesco D'Macho's new website is OPEN! So head on over for a visit right away. There are free videos and more! He did a live video chat earlier this morning already and I missed it! Sheesh!

Holy cow! I just watched the first video of a workout with Daniel, Pedro, Arthur and Francesco where they are lifting weights and blowing each other. Gosh, if workouts were like that at my gym, I would look like Arnold Schwarzenegger by now. Woo hoo!

UPDATE: I just chatted with Francesco on the Big Brother cam for almost 20 minutes! I saw his living room and kitchen in Madrid and watched him make a shake. He told me that he has seen the new show at the Guggenheim Museum and loved it and tries to get to all of the Museum shows when he is in NYC. It was so cool! It was definitely worth the membership to chat with Francesco one-on-one.


Doug said...

Glad you got to chat one-on-one with Francesco! I chatted with him a little earlier too, around 8pm. Very cool. He told me he might take a shower after making a protein shake, did you get to see that too?

Sue said...

No, someone else joined and I wanted to give them a chance for a personal chat. I was so tired, so left. If I had known he was going to take a shower, I might have stuck around! What did you guys chat about?

thonnibg said...

I too saw his living room earlier yesterday when he was online on his blog for about a half an hour.He has a very beautiful apartment!
I saw his kitchen last year too when he had another live cam on his blog.It`s great he makes this live cam shows.

Sue said...

So Toni, what did you guys talk about?

Doug said...

We didn't chat long. I didn't want to interrupt him; he was working on a video. He wanted to know if I found the videos on the site ok and I asked him what video he was working on (he would only say that it was a sexy video). You probably didn't miss the shower; he said he was probably going to save those for special times. Hopefully he'll mark them on the calendar so we know when to tune in.

Sh@ney said...

Oh....I better not get myself involved in watching other men on web video...LOL How would that look! Maybe I'll have to sneak a peek...*giggles*
Congrats to Francesco!!