Sunday, December 09, 2007

Introducing: Greek Brazilian Boy

Greek Brazilian Boy is a new link that I am very proud to announce. I love this new eye candy blog because the author, Tassos, is an artist, and thus has quite an eye for the male form, plus he is so ORGANIZED. You can actually go to his blog and find what have a hankering to see! It is absolutely amazing! The photos are organized by who the model is, and how the shot is taken. For example, I wanted to show you wet male models and here are my choices based on the results of my search:

There were models in the shower, lake, pool, washing cars, etc.. Plus, Tassos offers his own entertaining witticisms for each series of shots (much like a certain someone we know.) I highly recommend this blog for fresh eye candy. I've seen some there that is new to me.

I found this blog through Toni. Thanks Toni!

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thonnibg said...

You are welcome,Sue.I love Tassos too.Not only cuz we are neighbours.How could I not love his blog?
He even invited me to go with him to Brazil in January.
He had some very hot Brazilian friends with big d****.