Sunday, December 30, 2007

Fair View Welcomes Angelo's Dark Side

Join me in welcoming Angelo of Angelo's Dark Side as a new link! Below you can see the screen image he uses:

I hope that is really his tattoo, because I really think it is cool.

I am very excited about adding Angelo because he is also an ardent fan of Francesco D'Macho and even has a link on Francesco's blog. Angelo pours over the internet looking for photos of Francesco and hits pay dirt and posts them on his blog. Here are some of his finds:

Francesco with Martin Mazza

Francesco recently at the Billy Club with Jean Franco

Isn't that a fantastic set of photos?

Angelo also posts about other porn stars. His blog is not to be missed. So add Angelo's Dark Side to list of blogs to visit every day.


Anonymous said...

wow,thanks Sue:))and yes, that is my tattoo,a have another on a secret place but it's very small, it symbolizes waves,beacuse i love surfing:)
thanks again,im sending millions of kisses to you :P

Sue said...

You are very welcome Angelo!

thonnibg said...

Angelo has an angel`s voice!!!I fell in love with it:)

Anonymous said...

you are exaggerating,but thank you;)

thonnibg said...

And you stop being so modest,you Balkan boy:)))

Cristiano Mancini said...

Sue, I LOVE your photo !!!!!!! The setting is magical , and you seems to feel all the good vibrations of the place. Happy New Year to you too , all the best !!!
And welcome to Angelo to the crazy blog universe ! Your tatoo is SO sexy !

Sue said...

Thanks Cristiano! I loved being in Lake Placid. I felt a connection with my Dad since I went ice skating there for the first time since his death. Plus, the Olympics was there. It was a magical place and we had a great time there. Thanks for mentioning it. You are so sensitive; it is really quite lovely as a character trait. Happy New Year to you too!

sexy said...


Anonymous said...

nice, i just added up lots of another emo backgrounds 2 my blog