Thursday, December 27, 2007

Friday Fantasy - Part 15, Ecuadorian Equinox

So with little faith, I kept shooting the machine gun past the heavy bark of the kapok tree behind which I was hiding. So did Pete. Oscar lay back bleeding slowly from his shoulder wound and Cristo was tied up and worrying over him. Time went by at a snail’s pace and the moon rose in the sky and brightened a bit in color to near white, lighting the forest more brightly as it did. Now it was a foggy, ghostly white.

Suddenly, we heard some shots from a different direction in the forest, and one of the guerrillas that had been shooting at us cried out in pain and stopped shooting. We heard “Hector, son usted bien?” Then there were more shots from the other direction and that voice too was silenced. Pete pulled up his machine gun and smiled at me.

“Stop firing Sue.”

There was total silence for a full five minutes. Pete said “Austin, Chuck are you guys here?”

“Yes Sir!”, they both replied.

“Mr. B are you here?”

And from behind us came the answer “Yes Pete, I am here.”

“Mr. B carefully walk forward and join us with your head down please.”

He did. I immediately put down my weapon and hugged him tight.

“There is no time for that Dr. Fairview. Pick up your weapon and cover me!”

“Yes Sir!”, said I, and I complied with his order.

Then Pete cautiously walked out from the cover to join Austin and Chuck where the dead guerrillas were. They stripped them of their guns and water and whatever food they had. Then they came back to join us in our circle of kapok trees.

Water was passed around and everybody was really thirsty. Pete went over to look at Oscar’s gun shot wound. The bullet had gone right through, but he needed surgery. Certainly, he would not be able to walk very far with a wound like that. At least the bleeding was controlled. A pressure bandage was cobbled together and applied. But, we had no real medicines with us. They were all at base camp. Oscar had to get to a doctor as soon as possible.

We ate all of the food we had and scouted the area for more fruit. Nobody had any rice with them. With all of the gun fire, we had pretty much scared all of the mammals away, so hunting was out of the question. Sleep was one thing we could do. It was quite late when we were ready for that; around 3:00 in the morning.

I felt so weird. After expending all this energy to run for my life, I had just come off of the biggest adrenaline rush of my life, and not having had enough protein to eat; now I was supposed to sleep. I was dog tired physically. I felt shaky. I just wanted to be held by a big strong man. I didn’t want to admit it, but I was still scared. I knew I was safer now than I had been for days, but who thinks of things logically in these situations? My eyes found Pete and I tried to communicate all of this without saying it to him. But I knew that Mr. Butterfly would want to be close to me tonight and I couldn’t really blame him for that. But, Pete took command of the situation and I had nothing to fear.

Pete said “This is how we are going to sleep tonight. Austin will take first watch. Chuck will take second watch. I will guard Dr. Fairview, since she is the potential hostage out here. Come and sleep by me Dr. Fairview.”

So, that settled it and I moved to be near Pete. We had no blanket to sleep on, but we slept like spoons and he put his huge arm over me and drew me in close so that I could feel his big warm body down the entire length of mine. He breathed into my ear and it was very reassuring. I felt his erection in no time. But, he was mature about it and didn’t rub it into me or anything like that. We were both way too tired for that sort of thing anyhow. Hmm. Maybe some other time I thought to myself. Still, I began to tremble. I couldn’t control it, I guess it was from fatigue and pent up fear. He stroked my arm and reassured me in his deep voice that everything was okay and I had done really well today. Then the trembling stopped. I was so warm and cosy next to him that I was in the land of nod in no time.

Then next thing I remember was hearing static on the radio. It was morning. Everybody was up except for me and Oscar. The sun was trying to break through the persistent cloud cover of the rain forest. The birds were making their usual morning racket. Austin was in touch with the Ecuadorian Army. They were going to be arriving via helicopter and hiking to us within a half hour. They were going to land in a clearing not far from where we were and collect the dead guerrillas as well as Cristo and Oscar. We were going to wait for them to arrive and then hike with them to their chopper to pick up enough supplies to get us back to base camp.

It seemed like no time at all and 8 or so Ecuadorian Army personnel were with us. They put the two dead Columbians into greyish body bags and onto stretchers so that they could be carried out. Oscar was being looked at by a doctor, given some morphine and put on a stretcher and an IV of saline and an antibiotic had been placed on his chest. Cristo was led away in handcuffs. The Ecuadorians looked rather fresh compared to us. I really could have used a good night’s sleep on a real bed and a shower at this point, but that was a long way off. Pete told them about the dead Columbian guerrilla in the cave and gave them the coordinates.

Off we trudged to the helicopter, which was just “two clicks south”, as Austin put it. We kept a steady and reasonable pace. Thank goodness no one was looking for speed out of me today. It took about 35 minutes of walking through dense vegetation to get to the clearing where the chopper had landed.

The bodies were loaded on the skids and Oscar was put inside with Cristo and all of the Ecuadorian Military men. We were given rations of food and bottled water to last us until we got back to the camp at 3200 meters north, where there was a rice store and a water source. There should be no problem reaching there later today.

We bid farewell to Oscar, who had saved our asses numerous times and even taken a bullet for us. I would have to make it a point to visit him when I came back through Quito on my way out of Ecuador.

So now it was just Austin, Chuck, Pete, Mr. Butterfly and me left in our party. We decided to have breakfast right there and so made a fire to make some coffee using the precious bottled water and helped ourselves to the Ecuadorian field rations, which were pretty uninspiring. We just had to hunt again and use Pete’s special spice, which he told us he had brought with him. So, having our mission laid out, we stood and set out for the camp at 3200 meters north.

We hiked due north for the 2 clicks we had come south, which we covered much more quickly now that the Ecuadorian Army had cleared them a bit, and then continued per the GPS coordinates as followed by Chuck and Austin the night before. We arrived back in 4 hours at an easy pace. It was only 2:00 in the afternoon. It was great to see the old camp again. I felt like it had been ages since I had been there, but it had only been three days.

I was a bit over warm from the walking and my first thought was a nice bath in our pristine little pool of water edged in moss. I just wanted to get naked and hop in. So that is what I told the boys I was going to do. Let them sort out what they were going to do. I had some clean clothes still at this camp where I had left them and I couldn’t wait to bathe and get changed into them. So, I stripped naked, not caring in the least who saw me. I felt dirty from not bathing in three days. I guess I noticed Pete glancing over a bit. I kind of giggled to myself that he was trying to be inconspicuous about looking.

Suddenly, he said “I think I’ll join you Sue.” With that he began to undress too.

Austin said that he planned to go hunting and Chuck said that he would hunt also.

Pete said “Now don’t you boys be shooting each other.” Then he laughed hard. I tittered because it was funny to think that these experienced soldiers would accidentally shoot each other.

Mr. Butterfly said that he would be taking a siesta in the tent.

I grabbed my towel and headed for the pool and Pete followed bringing one of the guy’s towels. We reached the pool, and the water had warmed a bit in the sun and was very pleasant. I was able to get in all the way all at once and so did Pete. I hunkered down to rinse my hair and face. Man, did that feel great!

“God, isn’t this heaven Pete?” Then I sighed very deeply.

“Better than yesterday, huh?”

“What isn’t?”

“Yesterday was tough. Even for an old bastard like me. But we got through it, just you and me. And now here we are in paradise.”

“Yup, paradise. That is what this is. Beautiful country. I just love it here.”

“Just one thing missing.”

“Oh, what is that Pete?”

“This.” And then he leaned over to me and began to kiss me gently on the mouth. He raised his big hand and held onto my jaw with his thumb and index finger as he slid his tongue between my lips. I opened wide for him, as wide as I could to show him how much I wanted him. The message was not lost on him. He slid his body closer to me in the water and pulled me on to his lap with his free hand. My ass was now on his crotch. I could feel his hard on grow underneath me. I put one arm around his thick neck and the other tweaked the nipple on one side of his massive chest. He grabbed my breast with his free hand and massaged it. I was already beginning to breathe hard. God, I just had to have sex with him soon.

He groaned and his hand moved down to grab my ass. His mouth moved towards my breast and I murmured “Tell me you brought condoms.”

He winked in response and fished around his towel producing a pack. He stood in the water and opened them with his teeth. He motioned for me to stand also. As I did he donned the condom on his erection. There was a sloped rock that rose from the water and he laid me across it. Then he continued to suck on my breast and finger my crotch. I reached down and played with his nuts. It didn’t take me long to get hot again and soon I was begging him to fuck me. His cock was good sized and fit tightly inside me. But then he asked me to roll over and that was when it got really good. He really got animated when he could see my ass as he was fucking me. It was so awesome. He was a beast! He just grabbed my hips and thrust in and out with such force that I felt like a little rag doll being used as his toy and I loved every moment of it. He tossed me around on his dick as if I weighed nothing. Use me, abuse me and I love it. It is just inexplicable. I climaxed repeatedly throughout our “lovemaking”. He could feel it too and it spurred him on. He knew I was getting off on what he was doing and enjoying it as much as he was. He didn’t need to ask. Finally, with a repressed grunt, he came and then he pulled out quickly to take off the condom and wash the jism into the pool of water. I felt so empty, but he turned me around and gave me a huge hug and he took me back down into the water and held me tight.

* * *

Mr. Butterfly was restless as he lay down for his nap. He was really feeling like a fifth wheel. That was why he stayed here at camp. It was obvious that Austin and Chuck wanted to go hunting together and Pete and Sue needed some alone time at the pool. They were probably going to get it on. Good for Sue. She deserved a bit of fun after all she had been through. But that did leave him feeling like a bit of a fifth wheel. He was well into feeling sorry for himself when he heard a faint noise from outside of the tent. Then the zipper began to open.

It was Austin, sneaking in. Well now, thought the young explorer, this was a welcome sight! Had the young ex-Marine come back for seconds? The young explorer pretended to be asleep.

Austin tapped the young explorer on the shoulder and said “Mr. B, I was getting lonely for my gal again, and I thought maybe we could talk about it.”

The young explorer, pretending to have just wakened replied “Oh, what, again?”

“Yes, remember, like the other day?”

“Oh yeah, sure. Go ahead Austin.”

“Yeah. Well, I really miss Diane. That is her name. We are supposed to marry when I get back home from this trip. Her big tits and fire crotch really get me going. When I am inside her, her snatch just milks my cock dry. See, I am hard as a rock again! Put your hand on it and see for yourself.”

The young explorer could not resist such an invitation, so he did as this young ex-Marine commanded, unzipped his fly and put his hand on the erect penis he found. Austin gasped a bit, but settled right down when the other man began to stroke it. Austin’s breathing settled to a rhythmic pace that matched the stroking. In short order, the young explorer moved down to undo Austin’s web belt and pull down his camo pants. He had decided to give him a proper blow job with all the bells and whistles this time. The young explorer figured that Austin could deal with his own denial.

So he went at it. He slobbered as usual, gave Austin a full nut licking and sucking, but still stayed away from Austin’s anus. Austin just moaned and writhed with pleasure during the whole thing. In no time he shot his creamy load all over his six pack abs and chest. The young explorer quickly dropped his own pants and jerked off onto Austin’s abs also. Austin watched this with fascination.

There was a rifle shot in the distance. Austin said “Chuck must have got our dinner! I have got to go. I can’t be seen here!”

“Okay, whatever.”, replied Mr. Butterfly dejectedly.

Austin pulled up his camos, unzipped the tent and there coming back just in time to witness his exit were Pete and Sue returning from the pool in their towels.


peter said...

Austin, you should know by now... denile is NOT a river in Egypt

thonnibg said...

"Use me, abuse me and I love it."
Loved that moment.Sue`s and Pete`s "adventure" was sooooo hotttt!

Sue said...

I was thinking of you when I wrote it Toni. :)

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Doug said...

OMG Austin is such an ass. Poor Butterfly. Lucky Sue, though!

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