Saturday, December 29, 2007

The Demise of Dragon Fish

I really didn't want to be a bummer during the holiday season, but one of my pond koi died this past week. He was the biggest fish I had, my yellow matsuba koi (see photograph below). He was over 2 feet long and I had him for over 20 years. I noticed he wasn't doing well the week before last and pulled him out to see if there was anything I could do to help him out. Seeing there wasn't, I put him back to let him live out his final days. Yesterday, I took him out and he was dead. I decided not to do an autopsy. This is the first fish I have had that hasn't made it through a winter.

I have selected the following Haiku poem to honor his passing:

fish under water -
the illusion of words
we think we know


thonnibg said...

I`m so sorry to hear that,Sue!Believe me I know how you feel.
The Haiku is great amd I`m really glad you made this post!
Our pets deserve it!

"fish under water -
the illusion of words
we think we know"

Doug said...

Sorry to hear about the passing of your fish; what a gorgeous shade of yellow he was. Lovely haiku, too.

Sue said...

Thanks guys!

Cristiano Mancini said...

I'm sure you know what the passing of your fish means's a ribirth ! It's a big joy . Amazing new things are coming up for you Sue !

dibern said...

i'm sorry- he was beautiful!!