Friday, December 07, 2007

Friday Fantasy - Part 12, Ecuadorian Equinox

Pete had run all night before he located the camp at 3200 meters north. It was now morning and he was twelve hours early for the rendezvous. He had managed to grab some bananas on his way up and munched on them now with some iodized water, as he caught his breath. He kept up his guard and surveyed the camp. He found the tent and the three joined sleeping bags. He just cocked an eyebrow at that. He didn’t want to know, figuring it wasn’t his business. He continued to look around and found the spring fed pool rimmed by moss. It was a pretty cosy camp site Oscar had found for Chuck and Dr. Fairview he had to admit. He would probably have to wait much of the day here. So he found himself a good place to hide nearby in case any “unfriendlies” showed up. It was an outcropping of rock that overlooked the camp and was shored up by narrow clinging trees; good for a sniper to camp on and only big enough for one man. He hauled himself up there and got comfy. He sighted down his machine gun just in case he needed it. It began to drizzle. Pete closed his eyes and napped, secure that the slightest sound would wake him.

* * *

Oscar had followed the guerrillas from a distance at first, since he had to make up time needed to become untied. When he did catch up, he found them on the cusp of splitting up the party, so that Dr. Fairview would go with the leader and the remaining three would go on separately. He continued to follow Dr. Fairview and the leader. They headed lower in altitude all day and it seemed that Dr. Fairview engaged the leader in some chitchat. Good for her thought Oscar.

It was dark when the leader selected a campsite. He found what was in Oscar’s mind a perfect one; perfect because it had a cave. What better place to hide from pursuers than a cave. It also had a small spring. This leader was a clever one.

Oscar was unarmed and didn’t see any chances to rescue Dr. Fairview. So he kept out of sight rather than play the hero.

Oscar passed the night underneath some tropical leaf litter to say warm. Before the sun was up he rose to see how things were going with Dr. Fairview and the guerrilla leader. He took up his well hidden viewing position and waited. There they were emerging from the cave now. First out of the cave was Dr. Fairview and next was the Columbian. She looked rested and refreshed, so did he. He was still actively guarding her with the machine gun as they went about their morning business.

This seemed strange to Oscar. He had to pause to think about it. It didn’t seem to make sense. Dr. Fairview would have been cold and asked to share the guerrilla’s bedding. The guerrilla would have tried to take advantage of her. It was only natural. She would have fought him off for sure. Or maybe she could have given in. No, he did not think that Dr. Fairview would have given in so easily. Oscar chuckled as he recalled her reaction to Chuck’s erection. It must be that the guerrilla leader didn’t try anything with her. But why would that be? Could it be that he was gay? That thought just stopped him dead in his tracks. Oscar narrowed his eyes and inhaled sharply.

Gay and a Columbian Guerrilla? What would one do? There was no role as muy macho as a Columbian Guerrilla. The poor man! He could live his entire life and never know the love of another man! How sad indeed! Just a fucking tragedy! Oscar could not stand the thought of the intense emotional suffering and denial that must be taking place within the guerrilla leader. He pitied him. No wonder he was fraught with anger.

What to do, what to do? Oscar just knew he had to be right and that the Columbian guerrilla leader had to be gay.

Oscar could not wait to share this conclusion with the others. Plus, he had an idea of how they could rescue Dr. Fairview. So, off he ran towards the 3200 meter camp north for the rendezvous. It shouldn’t take more than 8 hours for him to get there.

* * *

Sometime during the day, William, Austin and José arrived back at base camp. William was feeling a bit better at the lower altitude but was upset that the trip was a failure. He began to bitch and moan.

“Fuck this goddamn trip. This fucking sucks big time! Damn it all to hell! Get me the fuck out of this goddamn hell hole. I hate this fuck ass place and will never set foot here again!”

Everyone just looked at him with sidelong glances not wanting to acknowledge his venom. Things were bad enough without adding to them. Mr. Butterfly thought that Ecuador was a truly beautiful place, a paradise, but they had just met up with a spate of bad luck. William got altitude sickness, and that does happen to some people. Allen did drugs, and that was his own fault. Sue was kidnapped by Columbian Guerrillas, well that was just plain stinking bad luck and happened very rarely. Actually, he only remembered the one other time that had ever happened and the guy was rescued. He was hoping for the same happy outcome.

Meanwhile, they were busy packing stuff in the truck to leave. Allen was staying in bed, having suffered a nervous breakdown of sorts and requiring sedation. But José, William, Austin, Chuck and Mr. Butterfly were all working together to get them ready to go.

* * *

Pete woke with light flashing in his eyes. It was just a little flash. Where was it coming from? Over there in the trees. A little reflection. A glint off of a piece of metal. A signal. What was it? Then he could see clearly, it was Oscar, signaling to him from up in a tree. That wily Oscar. How did he find me, thought Pete to himself. Pete lifted his machine gun in reply and climbed down off his sniper perch to rendezvous with Oscar.

“Hi Pete!”, said Oscar cheerfully.

“Cut the cute crap Oscar. How did you find me?”, replied Pete.

“It is what I do Pete. I never give away my secrets.”

“Great. What did you find out about Dr. Fairview?”

“The Guerrillas split up and she is alone with the leader. The leader found a great camp with a cave that is only 8 hours from here.”

“That is terrific news. We can take one guy out with no problem. How closely does he guard her?”

“Very closely. He has her at gun point at all times. But I have even better news. I think he is gay!”, said Oscar with glee.

“Run that by me again.”, said Pete dubiously.

“You heard me right. I think he is gay.”

“How on earth did you come to that conclusion boy?”

“Well, see Dr. Fairview gets really cold at night, so cold that we had to share body heat.”

“Uh huh…”

“So we zipped our three sleeping bags together and did just that.”

“I saw the huge zipped together bag and was wondering but thought that you guys were adults, and it wasn’t my business.”

“I assure you there was nothing sexual at all, though Chuck made overtures, but Dr. Fairview would have none of it.”

At that, Pete grinned and thought with satisfaction that he knew Sue would handle herself just fine. “So what does this have to do with the guerrilla leader being gay?”

“Well, like I said, Dr. Fairview gets cold at night, and she did when she was with the guerrilla leader too. So, I assume she had to share a sleeping bag with him too.”

“And! Get to the point Oscar!”, with some impatience evident in his voice.

“I was there this morning and when they both got up they looked rested and refreshed. Now, I figure that had he tried anything, she would not have looked that way. So he must not have tried anything. But how could he not when he has been with three other men all this time in the jungle? He just has to be gay!”

“Maybe.”, said Pete sounding not completely convinced.

“So, I have a plan. I will walk into his camp, seduce him and while we are getting busy, you can rescue Dr. Fairview.” Then Oscar grinned like the cat that ate the canary.

“Are you insane man? What is this, some gay fantasy? He will shoot you well before you have a chance to make a move. You over estimate your charms my boy if you think you will get anywhere with this plan.”

“Just hear me out here Pete. I am willing to put my ass on the line for this one; you should be willing to listen. You don’t know what it is like to deny yourself all your life the love you desperately desire and then to have it right in front of you, at your grasp, larger than life. You just don’t know. All I ask is that you give me a chance.”

Pete closed his eyes, sighed deeply and said “You don’t think he will be able to resist that fire hose between your legs?”


“Let’s go for it.”

They departed for the guerrilla leader’s camp pronto.


Doug said...

I was hoping this would happen. I love Oscar.

Sue said...

Doug - Thanks!

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That story is getting more and more interesting!