Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Graham's Meme: Truths Revealed!

Graham tagged me. No fair!!! Isn't!

Here are five things about me. Four of them are true. One of them is a lie. Guess which one is a lie.

1) It took my brother 27 years to earn his bachelors degree.

True - He only needed 3 English credits to graduate and they became required when he wanted to become a teacher in high school science/math.

2) I was married in a white, black and red dress.

True - I abhor tradition.

3) I once smoked pot with other employees of a company where I was safety coordinator.

True - I noticed them in a company van and joined them.

4) I have a minor in Ornithology.

False - I have a minor in Chemistry, 4 more credits and it would be a major.

5) I am a registered Republican.

True - It is for a few reasons: 1) so I can vote in Republican primaries and influence who will run for president, 2) so I can say that I am the dissatisfied Republican that had to cross over and vote Democrat, 3) so that I can destroy the party from within (I voted for Buchanan in the Republican primaries in 2000 hoping the party would implode), 4) the Republicans were first to show up at my house after we moved and I thought, "gee I can work with this", 5) it is really fun at social settings and in now in occasional memes. But in my heart of hearts I am Democrat all the way.

What I really want to know is man, Shaney, am I that transparent to you all the time? How did you know?


Shaney said...

I say No4 is false...Oh bugger it was a pot shot at best...xoxox

G Cracker said...

I think 5 is false. Then again, my father is Republican so you never know.

And, yeah, it's totally fair. :P

jay said...

Number 5. Not that I know you or visited your blog before.

But from my completely baseless analysis, 5 is my guess. :)

Peter said...

Sue, it must be #5. You are to open minded to be a Republican.

goldeneyeuk said...

I think number 5 too.

about a boy said...

id have to follow the pack and say 5! but lets hang out and toke some time!

Shaney said...

I just figured Ornithology would only be useful if taken on as a chosen career path or you were a bird watcher who took their love too far...:P

Sue said...

Ah, I see! Very logical. Thanks for letting me know.