Monday, February 12, 2007

Boat Shmoat, We're Going to Paris - Part 12

On Our last full day in Paris, we decided to walk from our hotel to the Musée du Louvre. We had received much sobering news up until now: no car, Sean may not be able to find a job. It was time to just sit back and enjoy our surrounds. We set out on a new course that we had not walked before. Beautiful Paris welcomed us.

It did not take long before we came across a street market. I guess that in Paris, most people buy their food from these outdoor food markets rather than at a grocery store. This one was tented and offered fresh fruit, fish, cheese, meat, pate, wine, bread, and vegetables. God, everything looked so tasty! Oh to spread some of that cheese or pate on that crusty bread and have it with some of that wine at a picnic! We wished we were staying and could purchase food supplies.

On our way to the Louvre, Sean’s architectural eye spotted beautiful things everywhere. This photo is of a Lalique frosted glass door with bas relief pine tree, where the pattern is carried right into the surrounding cement (click photo to enlarge). Isn’t it beautiful?

Paris is littered with architectural gems like this, you have only to look and see. I probably would have walked right by and never noticed it if Sean hadn’t stopped and pointed it out. We also found a park, where a pedestrian bridge was designed where the span was built of tree branches fashioned of iron. We also saw doors in art deco styles that we took photos of.

Finally we reached the Louvre. I had not seen the new I.M. Pei pyramid addition. I’m not sure that the modernity of it adds to the old structure, but it does add light to the basement entry, and hey, without it, The Da Vinci Code wouldn’t be much of a story.

Views of the Louvre lobby enlightened by the new glass pyramid

Next time on Boat Shmoat... What we saw at the Louvre!


Shaney said...

Amazing Sue....I really dont think I have ever seen so many wonderful landmarks in the one place, well at least not of that quality & workmanship, not to mention the historical value...Paris sure is a place of wonder...All that is left to wonder is: Is Paris indeed the place to "Fall in Love"? I always understood it was meant to be the most romantic city in the world? xoxo

Peter from Amsterdam said...

Shaney, you can fall in love with the city, falling in love with your significant other can happen anywhere on earth. [You don't need Paris for that]

Sue, did you know that the last picture conceals an elevator. In the middle it now looks like a desk, but in the upright position is's a black column to bring the handicapped from the square to the entrance of the Louvre.

Sue said...

Shaney, I agree with Peter. Fall in love and then come to Paris. I feel it is one of the most romantic cities in the world.

Peter, I guess they do need handicap access at the Louvre. Have you been?

mr tickle said...

just read the cool fact about the hidden elevator!

the lobsters at marche de rue de buci sure look tres delicieux, noticed that it was before the euro... are those oysters that cost 68 franc per kg?

well, i don't expect you to be knowing the answer to that... teehee!

Sue said...

You are correct... I haven't the faintest Mr. Tickle. :)

Peter from Amsterdam said...

Sue, I was there when I still could walk long distances. I went there on my own the last time, the time before that my Mom and I explored Paris also by foot. We didn't take the Pyramid entrance because of the long queues but a side entrance Porte des Lions.

My Mom has a little black book with addresses of interest [stomach wise], and we had to visit a certain confectioner in the Rue du Bac. We could barely sit on the chairs they were so tiny, just one of our glutus maximus covered the whole chair. We ate one of his cakes and had a coffee, and luckely we were standing when the bill came, those chairs would have been smashed from the shock. $ 75.00 for two tiny pieces of cake and two very small cups of coffee... Now 17 years later when we see some confectionary, we just look at each other with a twinkle in our eyes and say; Rue du Bac?!

She'll be 87 in a few months time and she still loves to travel, not long distances anymore, but most people forget how beautiful ones own country is. Luckely my Dad still drives his car, so he can comply to her wishes.

Shaney said...

Oh I wish I could fall in love...I have certainly tried my best...Now I just wait in hope & watch soppy girly flicks to fill the missing romance in my
I just watched "Failure to Launch" but laughed more than anything...For romance I cant go past "Everafter" with Drew Barrymore...OMG what a sad little life I lead...

Anonymous said...

sue, you look tres chic in the lalique photo!



Sue said...

Peter, what a lovely little story. Yeah, one has to be so careful about food prices in Paris. I have heard about unpleasant surprises such as yours. I also think it is wonderful when people appreciate the country of their origin and sucks when they don't.

Shaney, I love Everafter. Don't give up on love. It will happen one day. How does the song go? One day my prince will come... and he will. I am sure. Just move forward and live your own life to the fullest and it will happen.

Sis, thanks. :)