Sunday, February 18, 2007

Ahoy ExNavyMike - Permission to Link Sir!

Permission granted! Link away!

ExNavyMike is a really cool guy who lives in San Francisco and New York, has a very sexy boyfriend named Pete, is a Buffy fan, is working on his dissertation in English for a PhD, and is really, really nice (and hot).

Let me tell you how nice he is. When I was curious about what some Buffy action figures looked like, he posted them, just for me! Isn't that sweet? Isn't he a sweetie? I just want to pinch his cheeks.

Mike writes about his life and his many hobbies. We should all be so lucky; he considers himself very blessed. So head on over to his blog and get reading. That is an order! Snap to!

What is more, is he gave his boyfriend Pete the cutest little Papillion dog, Ozzy. Isn't Ozzy just the most adorable little puppy you have ever laid eyes on? You know my stance on bloggers that post pictures of their pets... So, let's all welcome ExNavyMike to our lives!


exNavyMike said...

HOLY COW! Thant's about all I could come up with when I first stumbled upon this entry a few hours ago; it's taken me that long to compose myself to form a comment :)

I was Overwhelmed! Giddy, even. You Totally Rock! This is SO cool of you! You make me sound Great ;)


I'm really enjoying this Blogship that we've developed, and I look forward to the continued free exchange of thoughts, opinions, and comments, so please keep sharing!

Anyone who stumbles upon this, Blogroll Sue. Keep coming back. I do, and I always enjoy myself.

Thanks again, Sue!

Sue said...

Oh, 'twas nothing dearest Mike! My pleasure totally. You are too kind and most welcome. :)

about a boy said...

im going to have to check him out!

Sue said...

Chris - go for it, you will love his site.