Thursday, February 01, 2007

Friday Fantasy - Jason Behr's Itch

Our food for fantasy today is Jason Behr. Travel with me to a place where I have just met him and have total control over him and his destiny.


"Yes Sue."

"Hear me."

"Yes Sue."

"Lie down on the gravel. "

"Are you kidding?"

"No Jason. "

"I am going to tie you up to that Ducati bike."


"Yes Jason. Lie across the bike and I will tie you on."

"Yes Sue."

"Comfy now?"

"Not really Sue. I have kind of an itch. Can you help me with it?"

"I think we can arrange that."

Who would like to help me with Jason's itch?


Hot4Dudes said...

Whats going on here are you two in cahoots? Or is it International Jason Behr Day?

Peter from Amsterdam said...

Sue, What have you done! You scratched open Jason's back... it was only an itch...

Sue said...

It is International Jason Behr day Hot4Dudes. No one told you?

Peter - Those 4 little lines are tattoos, not scratches. If I scratched him, he would know...

Shaney said...

Lovely...Lovely...Thankyou so much for posting this delicious treat Sue...What is really strange, after posting about him yesterday, while I was ironing my mates 6 weeks of washing there was a movie on TV called "The Shipping News" And it starred Jason along side Kevin Spacey...Uncanny! Not that I got to see a great deal of it.
They are some great photo's Sue, Love the one where his buns are just visible...Make me wanna poke my finger in
hot4dudes your a dimwit!

Sue said...

Glad you like Shaney! It is all for you! :)

David said...

Oh dear, Sue. You are beginning to frighten me. In a good way.

Sue said...

At least it is in a good way! ;)

G Cracker said...

I'll get the scratch, you just keep him relaxed and comfortable. ;)

Sue said...

You got it G! DEAL

goldeneyeuk said...

Sue, i will where do you want me

brenton said...

Sue, I think we need to talk about your childhood. ;)
Personally I don't find the Ducati a practical location for such shenanigans, while arousing in some regards, trying to do anything on it will just lead to the bike falling over and poor Jason being damaged, and we don't want that.
Psychologically bruise him as much as you like, but the packaging is too pretty.

exNavyMike said...

Thanks for following Shaney's lead and making it Jason Behr day. Those pics are great!

Ah, Jason Behr… He’s long been one of my favorites; I loke your last pic the best, because I prefer him with shorter hair so you can see his nerdy big ears. Hot.

I’ve been a fan of Jason’s since Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Yes, Buffy. For me, all roads lead back to Buffy. Jason did a guest appearance in a second season episode (“Lie to Me”). From there, I followed him to Push, a drama about college athletes. It only ran for about eight episodes, but, with Jason as a track star sporting tight tanks and tiny running shorts, they were eight delicious episodes. And then, of course, there was Roswell…

Thanks for spotlighting him, Sue.

Sue said...

Goldeneye - heya, join our orgy. hehehe

Brenton - yes. I admit it. My childhood was effed up. But I would not harm one hair on the head on Jason.

Mike - Ah, I knew it! Another Buffy and Roswell fan! We should all get together one of these days and take over the world. My sister went to a halloween party as buffy once. She came to the door and the hostess thought she didn't have a costume and offered her one. My sister said, "I'm Buffy, the vampire slayer!" and brandished her wooden spike. Turns out the hostess's son was dressed as a vampire. It is still on TV here. Sigh. Those were the days.