Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Daniel Craig - Movie Review, Part 4

Sword of Honour 2001

Guy Crouchback, played by Daniel Craig, is a rich Roman Catholic traditionalist in WWII England whose feelings about honor and orderly conflict are shattered by the ironies of the war. In a series of darkly comic vignettes, taken from the novels written by Evelyn Waugh, Crouchback futilely aspires to distinguish himself, but in the end, he learns that this struggle is in and of itself is destructive to others in an especially poignant moment of the film. He changes his focus to that of just helping others, but here is also stymied. There are some hot sex scenes with his ex-wife, played by Katrin Cartlidge, who is a real looker as they used to say back then. There is also a scene where he swims underwater off of Crete, but he is wearing his boxers. He looks as if he was born in military uniform, so much so that you will swear you have seen him in one previously.

There are some captivating moments and if the whole film had been produced at that level, it would have warranted four stars. But all in all, it had some slow moments too. This film was initially produced for British television and has now been produced on 2 DVDs.

*** of five stars.


Grafxgurl said...

i like DC...

that being said.. thanks for dropping by my blog .. im BAAACK!! and this time with more bloggin! lol.... hope to see you more often!!

Sue said...

Thanks grafxgurl! Check my labels for more DC movie reviews. I come by your blog often.

Larry said...

Do we need to do an intervention for this obsession of yours :)

He is pretty damn hot though!

Sue said...

You crack me up Larry! While an intervention might be fun... DC only made so many movies and sadly, the last one will be reviewed next week. :(