Sunday, June 25, 2006

The Voyage

“Sue, how would you like to go on a voyage with four guys and Sean to Philadelphia?” asked Scott at our yacht club's annual commissioning ceremony.

Pretty Boys Club

Wow. The fantasy images swam in my head. Four studs. Um, hmm. Count me in. shirtless, ripped, toned, hot, tanned, oh yeah. Best offer I had had in days! Bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzp! Back to reality.

All of the guys would be in their 60’s and between the five of them there was at least 250 years of boating experience. Sean was by far the hottest of them. One was retired from a submarine manufacturer, 3 were retired Navy, and one was a former marine architect.


The boat was a brand new (year old) Fountain 33 foot outboard with twin 275 horsepower engines (pictured below). The plan was to motor down there and back.

“No thanks, Scott.” I replied. It would be way too crowded on a 33 foot boat with six adults and Sean needed some “guy” time. But I pressed Sean into some 'promises' before he could depart and he kept every last one.

The departure date came and all went down the dock to pack the boat. Clothing, provisions, everything needed for a voyage of a few days was loaded and they set off.

Quentin Elias @ Oh La La Paris

They only made it about ten miles from the dock when the boat had electrical problems and had to be towed back in for repairs. But the boat has since been repaired and another voyage is planned to Portland, Maine. Sean and two other guys are going. I think I will pass. This way I can get more 'promises' out of Sean.

The light house at Portland, Maine


Lynette said...

Good grief! Is it really possible to have abs like that? I don't think those grow down here in the upper south ;-)

Enjoying your stuff . . . keep writing!!

Anonymous said...

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> I have a massive migraine again. I JUST WANT IT TO STOP.

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Good luck.

Sue said...

Hi Lynette! Didn't even know you were a fan. Thanks for commenting and please don't hesitate to comment again.

Sue said...

Okay anonymous, I have ordered the book from Amazon. Thanks and wish me luck!

brenton said...

Hi Sue,
I want to know who the guy is that is naked from behind... drool!!!!
P.S. WHEN are you going to start HNT?