Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Bookfield, Chip's Apartment

After one sales meeting, Mary and I were to go to the apartment that Chip, Bill, and other Parchmenters were renting, before going back to Athens. Don’t ask me why. Mary and I never had any say in these matters and we were totally dependent on others for transportation since neither of us drove. When it came time to leave for the apartment, I was to ride in Chip’s car, and Mary was to go in another car with Bill. I wanted to stay with Mary, but that car was conveniently full.

Chip and I drove off in his white Mustang. We made it back to the modern apartment complex before anyone else. All of the buildings had gray clapboard wood exteriors where the siding slants down at an angle. We parked and went inside. The inside was modern, carpeted and empty of furniture. I was pretty sure that every one would be arriving shortly as they had left right behind us. I still had my wet bathing suit on under my shorts and wanted to put my dry undies on. Chip told me I could change upstairs. I went up the carpeted stairs. The whole place had wall to wall white deep pile carpeting, and everything was new looking. When I reached the bedroom I was surprised because there were no beds. The guys were just camped out on the floor. Some had sleeping bags, but others just had a pillow and blanket to lie on. I tarried, looking at the sleeping arrangements. Mary and I had it far better than this. It looked like six guys were staying here.

Just then Chip came upstairs, “You’re not undressed yet?” he said, sounding somewhat disappointed. He was wearing only his white brief underwear. “I thought you and I would have a little time together alone before everyone else gets here.”

With that he was all over me. He pushed me onto the sheet that, I guess, he slept on, and held me down. I fought to get back up but there was no way; he was so strong. After the last time on the island, he was more prepared for the struggle. I didn’t think anyone would hear or come if I screamed, so I just kept repeating loudly, “No! Chip, no!”

He was unstoppable and determined. I feared that he would succeed in raping me this time. I wasn’t sure that I had it in me to punch him, or even if I could. He started to try to get my shorts off. He unsnapped the top and yanked the zipper down. He put his fingers into the waistband and pulled. Those wet, tight, white denim shorts would not budge. He pulled harder. The shorts would not budge. Suddenly it dawned on me; those shorts would not come off without my cooperation, or so I hoped. They were tight enough that it took some doing for me to get them on and off even when they were dry. I spread my legs to assure that they would not come down. This move however, seemed to urge Chip on. I became fairly comfortable that I was not going to have forced sex. I told Chip to give up. But he continued to try. Eventually his fingers in my waistband began to tickle, and though I tried to suppress it, I giggled and squirmed. My continued, “Nos!” could not have seemed very convincing then.

After about a half hour of this Chip stood up and said angrily, “Okay. I believe you. You’re not interested. I’m going to take a shower.”

I lay there exhausted by the struggle. I was little bit traumatized, and thinking what to do. Chip said that he believed me. Maybe he was no longer a threat to me. The others should come along soon and then I would be safe.

Chip called to me from the shower.
Could I hand him a towel, he left it on the floor of the bed room. Big mistake, I brought it to him in the shower. I held out the towel to him, and he grabbed both of my hands so quickly that I lost my footing on the wet tiles and began to fall onto the edge of the tub. The towel fell to the floor. He grasped my arms and caught me, preventing me from hitting the tub and set me upright again. But he did not let go of me. I was so off balance that I could not try to get free. He took my arms and circled his body so that I was behind him but still outside the tub. He put my hands on his large wet erection and moved them forcefully up and down, until he ejaculated. Then he let me go. He said something like I owed him at least that. I felt nauseous as I went to the sink to rinse my hands off.

I ran out of the apartment only to see the car that Bill and Mary were in drive up. They came up the walk smiling and chatty. I went back inside with them as if nothing had happened. They had arrived a full hour after us. They claimed to have gotten lost. One of the other sales managers, Terry, leered at me and asked if we had good time waiting for them. Our arrival before the others was a set up, and all the guys knew about it. They had delayed their arrival so that Chip could try to nail me. I was shocked and stunned. Terry came up behind me, put his arms around my chest feeling me up and down with his forearms and whispered in my ear that he wanted me too.

I bolted from the apartment and ran. Tears streamed down my face. I ran to the entrance of the apartment complex. Again, I had no money, no ride, and no options. No cars were coming, so I couldn’t have hitched out of there. If I left, would Mary worry? I needed to think, but was overwhelmed with emotions, and could not. I decided to hide in a safe place until I could collect myself. I found the laundry room in the complex and it was empty. I sat in a chair in the back sobbing. The thought of telling anyone never even occurred to me. It would be my say so against Chip’s, and he was my boss, and the result would be that I would be sent home. It was out of the question.

I returned to the apartment after an hour or so, when it was already dark outside. I would probably be safe there with so many people. No one asked if I was okay, or even where I had gone. At least Terry and Chip seemed to stay clear of me. To make things worse, it had been decided in my absence that we were to stay the night and sell in Chip’s territory the next day. The night was thankfully uneventful. I slept downstairs, as far away from everyone as I could.

The next morning, I was reminded that we were not allowed to sell books wearing shorts. I had not packed anything else since I did not figure on staying over. I had to wear a pair of Chip’s jeans, cinched around my waist and with the cuffs rolled up to sell books the next day. How humiliating. I can’t think how I must have looked, rather like a railroad tramp I suppose, but it couldn’t be nearly as bad as I felt after the night before. But I survived that day too, and returning to my territory was very sweet, indeed.


Ryan said...

ok he is hotttttttttt!!!!!

Sue said...

I think the photo is one of the trophy boys. Chip was a hottie too. But boy oh boy, what a jerk!

em said...

i suspect that for people who care about sue, like me, that this is a difficult post to read. however, just think how brave sue is to reveal maybe one of the most painful episodes in her life, and thereby remind us that we are all human, sometimes painfully so.

sue ((hug)).


Robby in FL said...


Sexual harrasememt and assault are very serious offences. Contact the ACLU.

Sue said...

Robby I would, but this happened in 1976. But thanks for commenting!