Sunday, June 18, 2006

Thank You for Two New Links!

Last week I found out about two new blogs that have linked to Fair View and I will now thank them appropriately.

The first one is Someone in a Tree. It is written by David, a native New Yorker, who is also a Hot Nude Yoga instructor and thespian in his spare time. It is intelligent, thoughtful and fun to read. I visit every day. Here is his picture:

He is the one on the left. This photo is photo shopped to preserve his modesty. If you insist on seeing the full Monty the link was posted during the month of May on his site. Happy hunting!

The second blog is Bob’s Yer Uncle. Bob is currently blogging from London, England and also enjoys the theater and running. I have not read his whole blog yet, since it has been around since 2003 when he was writing in NYC, but the writing is humorous and downright witty. I loved the post about the gymnast falling into the tiger cage and getting bummed! That’s a winner.

Another post mentions the musical version of Schindler’s List being called, “Schindler!” Too much. Humorous little gems are scattered about in the posts glittering and waiting to be found by the reader. Here is Bob after a marathon in Edinburgh. I am honored to be a part of Bob’s family.

Thanks to David and Bob!


Bob said...

No, thank *you* for the linky love.

Sue said...

Where will all of this linky love lead? The golf course? lol

Ryan said...

sue i will answer your comment on my blog under your comment just incase u want 2 c what i said. these blogs look like cool blogs worth a look c anyway. c i can write more than just 1 liners i do read your blog its 1 of the few that touches me.

sorry u were in the middle of this blog crap!

David said...

Well, I'm anything but modest, but thanks for the shout out!

Sue said...

Ah David, that was just a ruse to get my legions of readers to storm your blog to hunt for your bits. Thanks for commenting.