Monday, June 05, 2006

Grand Cayman - Finale

Sean spent his last day of diving doing two wall dives off of Tortuga Divers’ boat. Both were over 100 feet deep and outside the reef, so I decided not to go. Information: you cannot dive within 24 hours of a flight, so this was actually two days before we were to leave Grand Cayman. My plan was to snorkel in the lagoon at Cayman Kai.

I never tire of the underwater world. This time I saw two banded butterfly fish.

Plus I snapped pictures to remember the lagoon by.

I finally made it out to the reef edge and saw the group of blue tangs that Sean had spoken of.

The next day, we visited the 65 acre Queen Elizabeth Botanic Gardens. The gardens showcased the different environs and endemic plants of the island: mahogany forest, cactus/agave thickets, native palms, grassy meadows, buttonwood swamps, ponds, and epiphytic orchids and bromeliads.

There were spectacular bougainvilleas in all hues in the floral color garden at the entrance plus the famed Cayman Parrot.

There was a pond and although no fish could be seen, and there were water lilies as well as other native plants.

We also saw the endangered blue iguana, native only to Grand Cayman Island. A captive breeding a reintroduction program is run from the garden and while not open to the public, blue iguanas are on display.

All in all the garden was very pleasant to walk around and tidy.

We left Grand Cayman reluctantly and back home our car was buried under a foot of snow and was difficult to find. We were inadequately dressed to dig it out but managed somehow.

Best. Valentines. Day. Vacation. Ever!

Remembering Grand Cayman fondly. Photo: Found the One

Check out Found the One - the photos are hot.


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