Sunday, June 04, 2006

Meeting the Love of My Life - Part 2

In many ways, that was the best job I had, the one where I met Sean, as far as colleagues that I liked. There were twelve of us ‘girls’ in the lab, and we were pretty tight. There were construction workers outside building the new wing, and one of them was totally hot.

Where's the YMCA?

He used to work with his shirt off all the time. One of the wilder gals, Buffy, got up on a lab bench in front of the window and started to bump and grind for him. Yeah, she was a piece of work.

We also had a boss that everyone detested, Helga, our lab director. We likened her to the Fuhrer. It takes an evil boss to galvanize a work place. She used to tell us that we should not laugh in the lab and not to play our music too loud. One day we were in the small break room, eating our lunch, and Buffy told us that the Helga asked her what she was doing in the dark asbestos microscope lab, and Buffy said, “What does she think I was doing, playing with myself?” Of course Helga was standing at the door and heard everything.

The spy I sent was my coach on a league softball team. His name was Bud. He loved that I had a dirty mind. I used to have a thing for Tom Selleck, and Bud said that Tom liked cock, to which I replied that then he and I had something in common. Bud got a kick out of that.

I later found out that when I sent Bud to find out if the Sean was available, Bud actually just went and asked Sean, “Sue wants to know if you are available?” Stealthy huh? Last time I hire him as a spy. One of the gals on our team called him coach, and Bud didn’t like that and told her to call him anything but coach. So she called him dick-head.

To finish the original story, Elvira was kidnapped, or would that be mannequin-napped on Halloween, never to be seen again. We never did find out who was responsible. Everyone was hush-hush about it.

Helga followed the Sean and me on the tour and asked the Sean what was he doing with one of HER lab people. I wanted to say something to her about it, but Sean advised me not to. You had to just laugh.

The wildest bunch was the smoke stack testers. They used to go out to the van and smoke weed. I went out there once and to their surprise joined them, and thus changed from being a potential rat to cool.

Yeah, those were great times, but of course the job’s pay was shit. I also got close to every one because I was the Safety Officer. Someone got a splinter, and I pulled it out, a construction guy cut himself on some drop-in ceiling metal frame and I sent him to the ER, I ran fire extinguisher practice outside,
and one of the gals got pregnant and confided in me so that I could direct her as to what tests were safe for her and the baby. The people there were just too nice. I have learned to treasure good times, as they are few.

Where is Sue? She is late for practice. Found the One.


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