Sunday, August 17, 2008

Surrender Preview Now at Men At Play

Surrender, the new Men at Play video starring Daniel Marvin & Pedro Andreas is now available, as is the preview here. From MAP:

Starring Marvin & Andreas

We may know Marvin and Andreas as an established couple but even they had that awkward first encounter where they were unsure how far they could take it without crossing professional boundaries. But after a couple of months of working together the ice is broken thanks to a playful, after-hours grapple. And once its broken with a tender passionate kiss, there is no stopping them as the guys go on to have a marathon fuck session all over the office, releasing weeks of sexual tension and enjoying each others muscular physiques with zeal.

I have seen the preview, and let me tell you, it is one of the hottest clips I have ever seen. So head on over to MAP and treat yourself.


thonnibg said...

I agree.
My fave part was the struggle between them.Daniel said "No"[but not exactly fighting him off:)] and Pedro then asked him:"You want me to stop?Shall I leave you alone?"

Sue said...

That was my favorite part too! Way too hot!

Adendatha said...

I believe this is now one of my all time favs...these boys are too hot I swear

Anonymous said...

yeah, you are so right : I've seen
hundreds of gay porn vids, and for
some reason this is ssooooo much hotter than many other films ;
I think it's just because these men
are ultra-ultra-handsome and they know how to make an absolutely
electrifying performance :
sparks fly all around ! stunning !

Sue said...

Thanks for these comments! I love to hear from new people (especially when they agree with me)!

Anonymous said...

well, Sue, even more thanks to YOU
for putting this clip on your
blog !! this one is to die for !!

ATwistedThought said...

Sounds like I need to see this one and soon.