Friday, August 22, 2008

Friday Fantasy - Iceland Investigation Part 3

Previously Posted March 30, 2007

Meanwhile, Mr. Butterfly’s adventure was as follows. He arrived at Club 22 with Sue and it was Diana Ross disco night. A really cute young man with a ski cap asked him to dance and of course he said, “Yes!” The first song was Love Child. Cool! The young explorer was dying to know this cutie’s name and leaned in and asked, but there seemed to be a language barrier. Eventually, though it became clear that the cutie’s name was Rurik. There was quite a bit of eye contact during the dancing and that was a great connection in Mr. Butterfly’s mind. He also thought that Rurik moved in a very sexy and body conscious fashion and that boded well for them. Then during Upside Down, Rurik stripped off his shirt in one fluid and sexy motion revealing a very toned upper torso, so the explorer stripped his shirt off too. That was when the heavy flirting really started. Rurik put his hand on the explorer’s naked shoulder and the explorer grabbed Rurik’s narrow waist.

Then the slow song, Missing You began and nothing was stopping them from clinching and kissing. Their naked breasts touched and their groins were pressed together meaningfully. Their tongues lashed out at each other as mouths joined. Mr. Butterfly held Rurik’s broad shoulders, but Rurik held Mr. Butterfly’s ass and squeezed it tight to him in a suggestive manner that needed no language to understand. When the song ended, they did not want to part, but Sue and her partner came over and interrupted them.

Sue told Mr. Butterfly that she and Nikulás were going back to the Floki Inn. Mr. Butterfly assured her that he and Rurik would be following soon. Rurik managed a guilty smile. Sue and her partner left the guys to their own devices.

“Finally we are alone.” Said Mr. Butterfly.

“What?” said Rurik. “Sorry. My English is not so good.”

“Shut up and dance.”

The next song was Stop in the Name of Love by the Supremes. The whole dance floor did an entertaining parody of the hand movements to that song. Mr. Butterfly and Rurik had fun dancing to it; holding out their hands when the word “stop” was being sung. No language was needed here either. The next song was I Will Survive. They boogied to that one too and it was a real crowd pleaser with the older folks. It struck both of them how dance and music is really an international language. They could meet and communicate perfectly without needing to know each other’s tongue. The next song was Ain’t No Mountain High Enough and message of that song was not lost on them. They decided to leave to get to know each other even better. They were covered with a fine sheen of sweat as they donned their shirts for the walk back to the Floki Inn.

When they got there, Mr. Butterfly unlocked the door and let Rurik into his room. He then closed the door and turned to Rurik. They clinched and kissed feverishly. Hands fumbled with shirts and pants as they undressed quickly. Feet kicked off shoes. Hands embraced stiffening body parts. Rurik thought to himself, what does he do to keep his skin so buttery soft? But that thought was quickly replaced with lust for Mr. Butterfly. Rurik put his hands on Mr. Butterfly’s shoulders and going to his knees, then ran them down over Mr. Butterfly’s pecs, tweaking the nipples while gazing into his eyes, then grabbing Mr. Butterfly’s hips, he took Mr. Butterfly’s already erect penis into his mouth.

Mr. Butterfly gasped in ecstasy and threw his head back. Rurik circled the helmet with his tongue and then sucked the member in as hard and fast as he could to the root until his nose was in Mr. Butterfly’s neatly trimmed pubic hairs. With his other hand he began to play with Mr. Butterfly’s asshole, inserting a finger to the first joint.

Mr. Butterfly was very pleased with Rurik’s blow job, but more so with his perfectly rounded ass. Oh god, he wanted to eat that thing. But how could he communicate that to this man who spoke no English? So he reached down to fondle those delicious globes. Rurik looked up from what he was doing and slowly rose to a standing position. They walked over to the bed. Mr. Butterfly gently pushed Rurik’s shoulders down so that he was on all fours on the bed and got behind him. What a view from here! He could see the young man’s perfect ass cheeks, balls, and pendulous erection. Then in the center, he saw the prize, Rurik’s cute pink pucker. Mr. Butterfly leaned in to gently blow on the pucker. Rurik shuddered with pleasure. Mr. Butterfly put his hands on Rurik’s ass cheeks and spread them wide and began to lick Rurik’s asshole. It tasted a bit salty and sweaty, but after all that dancing, that was no surprise. It was delicious! Mr. Butterfly’s tongue teased at the pucker itself, trying to loosen it to gain entry. Finally he did and his tongue went in and he could hear Rurik groan deeply with pleasure. His tongue went in more as he ate Rurik’s ass. Mr. Butterfly then hummed into Rurik’s asshole the melody from Stop in the Name of Love. This drove Rurik wild with pleasure.

What a terrific rim job he was getting; probably the best he ever had. Rurik just wanted to fuck Mr. Butterfly so badly. But where was the lube? There it was on the dresser by the bed. Reluctantly he broke away from the pleasure of the rimming and got up to get it. He donned a condom, had Mr. Butterfly lay back on the bed, lubed him up and got on top. Rurik was hard a rock and ready for action as his penis nudged Mr. Butterfly’s lubed asshole. It didn’t take long for the head to enter and Mr. Butterfly gasped and held his legs by the shins a bit tighter to his body, as if that would lessen the pain. Rurik was not gentle. He decided to give Mr. Butterfly a fucking to remember him by and plunged the entire length of his average sized organ in all in one go. It only hurt for a moment, then it was bliss for Mr. Butterfly whose breathing deepened quickly. Mr. Butterfly looked steadily at the handsome young man making love to him and was entranced. A blush formed over Mr. Butterfly’s face and spread to this chest as he was fucked vigorously.

Rurik was also in heaven. This is really fucking hot, he thought as he pounded away at Mr. Butterfly. Rurik knew he would explode in orgasm soon but he couldn’t stop himself. So without warning, he came. But, Mr. Butterfly had been around and could read the signs. He could see that Rurik’s breathing had deepened and that his strokes were quicker. He wasn’t born yesterday. He let the kid get off. He wasn’t that far behind anyway. He only needed a few strokes himself to get off and that’s just what he did. Rurik pulled out and took off the used condom.

Mr. Butterfly got up to brush his teeth. When he returned Rurik was watching local television. They kissed and settled in for a night’s sleep.

Rurik photo credit: Completely Naked Images

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