Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Review: 3Some with a Camcorder

This new video from Francesco D'Macho is actually a casting film made with Lazaro, who became the Electrician. The film is made in the big brother style and when it opens we are in Francesco’s bedroom and Lazaro is on his back on the bed waving his gorgeous erect brown cock in front of the camera. It is huge! His legs are spread and feet are up on the bed as he plays with it and we can see his balls and asshole. He points it at the camera briefly and it is well lubed.

Then Francesco comes in and puts his mouth over Lazaro’s cock. The camera is handed to Lazaro and the shot we see is of Francesco from between Lazaro’s legs looking up at us, and Francesco, with his beautiful blue eyes with his mouth and hand on Lazaro’s cock, servicing him. Lazaro now mutters something in Spanish that sounds to me like he very much enjoys what is being done to him.

Next Francesco stands, and Lazaro gives him a very quick blow job. Then Francesco sits on the bed and takes Lazaro’s cock back in his mouth. Lazaro gets up to get a condom and then rolls it onto his enormous cock as we watch in awe not having seen this kind of thing very often. Francesco stands and turns around and we finally get to see just how hairy his ass is! It is splendidly hairy! Like I would just like to dive in hairy! Why the porn studios make him shave it I will never know! But, back to the action.

Lazaro takes his huge rubbered dick and proceeds to shove it into and fuck Francesco from behind grabbing onto his waist. We can see just how little body fat Francesco has as his skin is bunched into only thin ripples. We can also see the colorful tattoo on Francesco’s back. There is a the noise of bodies hitting each other as they fuck.

After a bit of this position, Lazaro gives Francesco a slap on the ass, as a signal to flip over and they switch positions to missionary. Once Lazaro is safely in Francesco’s asshole, Francesco links his hands across Lazaro’s back, rolls his ass in the air with his feet up, as he is being fucked. Eventually, he takes a more relaxed posture, where he holds the back of his thighs in the air and Lazaro works pounding away, changing his position for better access.

Now, we cut to Lazaro giving Francesco a quick blow job. Then Francesco is giving head to Lazaro. Lazaro seems to want to be in Francesco’s throat and holds the back of Francesco’s head to make sure he stays there, until Francesco gags. The shot for this is looking down the bed at Francesco. Then they do the same thing standing and the shot is from the side. Francesco doesn’t seem to mind being used this way.

Now, Francesco lays on the bed and Lazaro blows him a bit. Then Lazaro gets up and lubes his cock a bit, then fucks Francesco’s crotch intermittently with blowing him. Then Francesco rolls his butt up to get rimmed. Lazaro does this while Francesco murmurs “Oh si, oh si!” Then the camera zooms in on the action. Man does he have a hairy ass! Then Francesco lifts his cock with his thumb and Lazaro gives it his full attention. We can hear Francesco’s breathing get louder.

Next we cut to Francesco deep throating Lazaro. The very next shot is of Lazaro jerking off over Francesco’s face while Francesco is shutting his eyes tightly closed. We know what is cumming next. Lazaro! And he does, all over Francesco’s face! Then Francesco jerks out his beautiful creamy load all over own his chest and abdomen.

I can see why Lazaro got the job. This was only a casting film. Shit! Some casting film! Some porn houses don’t produce finished product this good! Great job Francesco!

Also added from Men at Play are complete movies Cock Tale, The Rider and The Deal. What a deal!

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thonnibg said...

Hehe,Sue,actually it was me who named him Lazaro:)

Such a hot video!!I wish we`ll get to see more videos with "Lazaro".
Great chemistry between them.

Sue said...

Guess Francesco liked the name too. ;)

Anonymous said...

Lazaro's equipment has me searching for the proper adjective, however I'm too distracted by the thought of him muttering in Spanish...HOT!!